Looking for some help with Story Planner for iOS

I just bought Story Planner for iOS. At first glance it looks accessible with all the buttons labeled clearly. But I can't figure out how to add information like character list, scene cards etc. When I double tap one of the buttons, VO identifies an empty list, but I can't figure out how to enter information in the list.

Can someone please help?


#1 Try Mindnode. Get it while

Try Mindnode. Get it while it's free!

#2 Look for the add button


This is actually pretty simple. First, select the type of element you're adding-- character, location, plot, or scene, which all have labeled buttons. you will, as you said, see an empty list after selecting this button if you're working with a new project. There is, however, an new button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen which enables you to add an instance of the specified type, along with specific data relevant to the entry. Ex. protagonist/antagonist for character, description of a location, etc. My twitter is , feel free to dm me there if you need further help or an audio demonstration.

#3 Something like this for Mac?

Is there something like this on the Mac side? I bought Scrivener years ago but not sure how best to use it with stories; I use it for college papers at the moment.
Also, is there a Scrivener audio walkthrough somewhere? That would be just grand.

#4 Pretty sure there is a

Pretty sure there is a scrivener walkthrough for iOS, and if not there is a tutorial built in the app which will get you going. I don't know about mac's scrivener but would imagine something like that exists there as well.