Issues with TuneIn Radio.

Hi all. I am trying to figure out if I am doing something wrong or if this is an accessibility bug. I hope someone has the contact information for the TuneIn developers as I want to make them aware of this issue. I use the Pro version just so everyone knows. What I am noticing is that VoiceOver seems to focus almost entirely on the bottom of the screen where the primary tabs are. If I want to see the contents of a screen, I have to touch the screen to get it to focus on anything else. The Now Playing screen works fine. This is the latest version of iOS. Is anyone else having focusing issues? If so, we need to let the devs know what is happening. This has actually been going on for a while now, but I really noticed it when I subscribed to the new premium service. Thanks a lot for the help in advance.


#1 The same thing here.

You can't just swipe through it anymore. You are not doing anything wrong, just the app it's no longer accessible like old version. That's just my oppinion anyway.

#2 Thanks.

You're right. It is not what it was. Do you know how to contact them about this?

#3 Issues with TuneIn radio

As I use the pro version as well, I just looked to see if I would have the same issues your reporting. I am also using the latest IOS as you are and I can not find the issues you speak of. Does anything else act strangely or behave differently then your used too?

#4 Happens for me

In the profile tab, it works as expected. But in the browse tab, not so much. Swiping doesn't always work, but I can explore the screen, and double-tap on items to interract with them, etc.
This is a step backwards, so let's all contact TuneIn with the following link and let them know about the accessibility issues. They keep breaking it time and time again, and we keep getting it fixed, but this is now kind of getting annoying to me. I like TuneIn, but only when I can successfully use it.

I'm sorry, but I'm not going to pay for the new TuneIn Premium features until their app works well with VoiceOver again.

#5 I totally agree with everything you said.

It's very annoying me too, and very disappointed. Because TuneIn was my favorite radio app for the last 15 years and now they make me want to get rid of this radio app.

#6 issue with the last version of TuneIn

Hello. I noticed that it's impossible to use last version of TuneIn radio. I use free version. Each time when I open the app there is a dialog that has several buttons like conect with facebook, google plus, Sign up with E-Mail. When I press conect to facebook button safary opens and i press continue. After that the dailog still appears and if I try to press close button the dialog appears again. Also i forgot to mention that after pressing conect to facebook button the station starts playing but i cannot switch it. Does anyone experience this issue? I use iPhone 5S and iOs 10.3.3. If you know how to solve a problem please tell me. Thanx!

#7 install again

I have the premium version as well. I didn't have any accessibility issues but I did have trouble logging in with facebook so what I did was delete the app and reinstall it again and everything works fine now.

#8 same thing here

I had the same issue yesterday and had to do the same... reinstall the app, and I'm logged back in. This happened on my iPod. I've yet to see the behavior on my iPhone, but I'm sure it's coming. At least I know how to solve it.