How to scroll in larger chunks in iOS

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It seems I ran across a tip a while back about how to scroll several pages at once when looking at long lists of items.
For instance, there is a podcast I listen to called Stuff You Should Know, that has like 500 entries, and it takes forever to get through the list to the earlier recordings by doing the three finger swipe up technique.
So, is there a better way to do this when you want to jump many pages at once?
I seem to remember you had to double tap and hold down then swipe or something, but no combination I use here is doing the trick.
Any help greatly appreciated, and I highly reccomend the podcast Stuff You Should Know, it is always enlightening and entertaining. I use the app downcast myself for podcast listening.


#1 Four finger scroll

On my iPad still running ios 7 I can scroll smoothly and quickly with Voiceover on by using four fingers to swipe up.

#2 I dunno if that works on the

I dunno if that works on the iPhone though. Because the screen is so big it might on the ipad but because you have a smaller screen your chances are quite nil.

#3 four Finger Taps

I don't think you can scroll by flicking with 4 fingers on the iPhone (I have the iPhone 6 running iOS 8.3).

However you can get to the first / last item on a page with a single four finger tap at the top / bottom of the screen. so this might help navigate near the bottom a bit.


#4 Sorry

I didn't know for sure if the question was about an iPhone or iPad.

#5 Are you thinking of the pass through gesture?

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Starting at the bottom of the screen, if you double tap and hold until you hear a triple tone, then slide your finger up the screen, it will scroll as if voice over was not on.

This is called the pass through gesture.

If you double tap and hold until you hear the triple tone and then rapidly slide your finger up and completely off the screen, it will scroll many pages, possibly to the end.

Hope this helps.

#6 I can only get that to work

I can only get that to work with pickers. and that's about 85 percent of the time, but then again it depends on the picker I guess.

#7 Odd...

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That's odd... I have great success with the pass through gesture.
As with other gestures, a little practice may help.
Be sure to keep your finger on the screen, do not lift.

A four finger double tap at the bottom of the screen will also take you to the bottom of the page, although, I do not have much success with this gesture. I have to do it three or four times to get it to work.

Good luck,

#8 Actually it's a 4 finger

Actually it's a 4 finger single tap and my hands are quite small, so I can normally get that to work about 95 percent of the time. lol!