how to forward a message in Messenger

Hi all!
How do you forward a message to someone en the Messenger app? Is there an accessible way to do this?
Thanks in advance!


#1 Just double tap and hold

Hi Dawn,
In order to forward or copy a message in messenger, firstly, you drag your finger to navigate to that message. (navigating to that message by flicting one finger is not recommended in this case Since it failed to take a next step in my case.) Then double tap and hold for about 3 second to call a menu. then flict one finger right or left to navigate to forward button. It is possibly at bottom left as it is in my iPhone 6s with iOs 11.

#2 thank you!

Thank you so much!
I was having a heck of a time, trying to figure it out, and finding out how to do it!

#3 would something like this work on fb?

I know they are separate apps, but would that let you "copy" something? not "share" but copy? I've never been able to do that, either.

#4 An Easier Way!

Hi, if you open the conversation and navigate to the part of the message you would like to forward/copy, ensuring that you are on the Actions rotor item, swipe up or down with one finger until you hear "Copy" and double tap. To Forward, select the "More" item and double tap. This will give you more options, including the one to forward. HTH!