An free alternative to Vorail

Since Vorail is now subscription based, I am not on there any more, because I don't see the point. Is there an alternative to Vorail? I never subscribe to anything. I need something for iOs.


#1 blind id

if you speak turkish, you can try blind id. it says "blind" but it's not about blind people. It was 100% accessible at the beginning then they've done some updates, I don't know how is it now

#2 DiscussionFairy

Check out DiscussionFairy. Its free and like Vorail.

#3 I'll check both of these out.

I'll check both of these out.

I like the fact that discussionfairy don't let you ramble on for too long.

That has to be one of the most off putting things about Vorail.

Talk for 60 seconds or less, which is what you really need.

There's no need to tell us your life story.

About blind ID, do they only speak turkish on there?

It's not a problem for me, since I speak turkish, but my dialect is from north Cyprus.

#4 I've tested out

I've tested out Discussionfairy and so far, I'm really liking the app.

I might give BlindID a miss because I don't really like the idea of calling random people.

Discussionfairy, however is very similar to Vorail but without the rambling.

And if you do happen to go over your time limit, you get cut off.

Also the audio quality for discussionfairy is like Vorail.

I'm already seeing posts where people are complaining that it doesn't have private messaging or let you talk longer.

It's meant for public discussions, you can even listen to peoples posts in a web browser before you decide to join.

There is no sign up process, simply download the app, find a discussion you're interested in, or create your own.

There are no usernames, only your voice.

It is completely up to you whether or not you give out your name, just keep in mind some people on there may recognise your voice and refer to you by name anyway.

Since I don't have anything to hide, I don't mind if my name is mentioned on there.

Now, I do wonder if discussions disappear after a while or if they're kept around, like on vorail, but apart from a few unlabelled buttons, the app is pretty good.

#5 Elten

In addition to all this, Elten, which is a successor to the klango network, is coming to mobile on IOS soon. That too has voice forums like the ones we all used to know and love from the good old days of Klango.

#6 I did not fin d it in the App Store

I did not find it in the App Store..would any one give me the directions t link to it?