Can Anyone Recommend a Free Music Maker App?

Hello! The subject says it all. Can anyone recommend a free music maker app? I wouldn't like to use a midi keyboard or something like that, because i don't have one, so it doesn't have to be compatible with midi keyboards.
I really want to begin creating music. I tryed to use Garage Band, but i had a lot of problems with it, i didn't find it accessible at all. I have the programme called Figure, i enjoy it, but it only creates loops and i can't make longer music. But if i can do it with that app, then feel free to tell it, i would be glad to hear that!
I tryed Music maker jam also, and it wasn't accessible also!
So... Does anyone have any idea for me?
Greetings from Hungary.


Thumbjam, Noatikl, TNRE, and

Thumbjam, Noatikl, TNRE, and a bunch more that can be found in the music category of the apps directory here at Applevis.

A problem

I said i would like to hear about free aps. I'm still young, i don't have card to pay for these paid programmes.