Can anybody help me with the name of this "crowd music app"?

I have tried to search this out, but I just cannot remember. Someone once upon a time posted about an app where someone could start a playlist, and others who got the app could join in, thus everyone sharing in the fun of the playlist. For the life of me, I cannot remember the name of this app. Anyone have any ideas what it is I'm referring to?


#1 spotify

hi, spotify?

#2 crowd music app

The name of the app was Crowdcast. it was pulled from the App Store. I downloaded it and it no longer works very well with iOS 10 and needs to be updated. Sorry to give you bad news.

#3 re: spotify and/or CrowdCast

To the person who suggested spotify, that was not it. To my knowledge, you cannot collaborate with others on playlists. If that's wrong, please enlighten me!

To the person who suggested CrowdCast, that was it! Bummer that it is gone now! That said, as it turns out, it wasn't going to work for what I had in mind after all. Thank you for your help though.

#4 Try friend radio

Subject says it all

#5 Tango Remote

Tango Remote can make this work too.

#6 thanks all

I have never heard of Friend Radio and/or Tango Remote. So this has now become a learning experience. I might have to check these things out. Glad I posted! :)