Calendar events on iOS 7 lock screen

In iOS 6 my Calendar events would show up on my lock screen at the start of each day so I could see just by reading the lock screen what events I had for the day. However in iOS 7 the only way to have events show up on the lock screen automatically is to add an 'alert' to the even as you create it. Is there an app that can automatically bring all my events to the lock screen without me needing to add an alert to each event that you know of? The Notification Center does not show me what is going to happen for events tomorrow as where iOS 6 would also show me those events a day in advance as well.


#1 Check your notifications

Check your notifications center, or go to your notifications center. You will be presented with all of the events for that day. They can also show up if you want on your lock screen as well I believe.