app for announcing incoming calls....

i am a new user to the i phone and am still learning how to navigate everything apple. i am wanting advice on the best manual for the 4s as well as advice on an app to announce incoming calls either by number or name as recorded in my contacts. any advice would be greatly appreciated. albert


No Need for an App

Hi. Your phone does this already, so you shouldn't need an external app. Even though it's a little old now, I still highly recommend the Getting Started with the iPhone book by Anna Dresner and Dean Martineau, available from National Braille Press. It's the best resource I've found.

You're out of luck sadly

The only way to get a caller ID app like you want is if you jailbreak. Sadly, there is no exploit for A5 based devices at the moment like the iPhone 4s and iPad2.
Apple is very strict about what apps can and can not do, they have some very strict sandboxing in place. Basically apps are in a way limited to their small world and don't really have access to what iOS is doing. This includes tracking calls for example, or reading/writing files. This is why you have things like iTunes file sharing or apps including their own HTTP and FTP servers.
So even if someone would develop such an app, It'd probably get rejected right off the App-store for accessing things it shouldn't, even if the intent is by all means good.
That said it shouldn't be a problem to read who ever is calling with VO...


i am just now searching there site. i had a friend over, sighted of course, who could not see how to do this. i just knew it was possible. i need to become more comfortable with the voice over option. just need to get that book as suggested. thanks..