This Accessory May Not Be Supported

I am getting this message This Accessory May Not Be Supported.Whenever I am using a rechargible case. I got 2 from amazon and does not make a difference. I remove the case and reinstall it again and works. However the next time I want to recharge my iPhone 7 the same message comes up. I use a paper clip to clean the iPhone gently but this is not working. I went to make sure I did not have iOS update but using iOS 11.3. Help. What can I do? Using iPhone 7, iOS 11.3


#1 Is the charger you got MFI

Is the charger you got MFI certified? MFI certification is apple accessory certification, which basically says that Apple approves of this product and has made shure it works with iDevices. If its not, its perfectly normal for it to display that error message, as since its not verified by apple, it may not be supported and may not work.
However, if it is MFI, then there might be an issue with the charging port being dirty or damaged. Paperclip might not be a too good idea, as its metallic and sharp and may further damage the pins in the lightning port. I'd suggest you to either give it a few puffs or get it to an apple store for check.

#2 MFI

I got both from Yes. I did blow on it and same problem. When I use a cable to recharge my iPhone without the case it works. However the same cable does not work when the case is inside the iPhone. I have to remove the iPhone from the case to make work via cable or bby pressing the button on the case to recharge the iPhone. The second time I do the same does not work. This happen recently about 3 weeks. Since them is the same problem with 2 different rechargible case.

#3 the reason

Hi. I had this happen to me with a cord. My parents bought a cord from a company that my Dad's used for years. It was not a knock off either and he never had issues. Well, I got this same message. According to the tech from Apple Accessibility, he says that for some reason, voiceover does not like those generic cords. You have to buy an Apple cord. I tested that theory by using my cord I got with the ipad, and then using the generic cord. Didn't see the message while using the cord I got with the ipad. For Easter I got an actual Apple cord and I have the ipad by my bed, use the cord, and no message like that. I'm afraid you'll need to buy an Apple charging case I'm sorry to say. Once you have that, the alerts should not pop up any longer. Hope this helps.

#4 Apple product

Is that legal forcing someone to purchase just from one company. Is that a monopoly?

#5 not sure of legality

I'm not sure about the legality of this. All the tech that I talked to said, was, that for some reason, people who use Voiceover have issues with generic cords. They do not know why. It's annoying and expensive that's for sure! I'm sorry to say, jhat there is really no way around this. If you want Vo. to stop complaining, then yo-ll have to put up with the pain from your wallet, and buy an actual Apple case and or a cord. I know it sounds crazy, believe me, because I had the same thought myself. What convinced me, is going back to my original Apple cord, then going back to the generic 1.

#6 Cases and Cables

I don't believe that you have to absolutely buy an Apple cable. I did for many years and would always have the outer layer of the cable peal off right where the cable goes into the connector. After buying several Apple cables and having this issue pretty much everytime, decided to stop buying their crappy overpriced cables and started using Anker's cables and found them a heck of a lot more sturdier than Apple's lightning cables. So I don't think you have to buy their cables, but it is important to ensure that you buy MFI certified accessories.

Holger, are you certain that the case you bought was indeed MFI certified? It sounds to me as though the cable may be certified but not the case. That is the only time you would get that error message is when the accessories is not MFI certified. HTH!

#7 cases

Yes. I got 2 from amazon and I did asked that question. However both do not work. I saw several articles in checking about this that iOS 11.3 is giving this message due to the new battery info. I just waisted $80 to get an apple smart case.

#8 I agree with number 6 on this

I agree with number 6 on this. I have had many apple cables for iOS devices over the years, and can attest to this. I have only had one or maybe two MFI certified cases in the past, all of the others are not, but they worked fine. My newest case for the iPhone X is one by a company by the name of ZeroLemon, found on amazon for a good deal. No dealing with the message that this accessory is not supported as of yet. I've only seen this message crop up twice or so in my 7 or so years of owning iOS devices. This case is the biggest one I could find in terms of capacity for the iPhone X, so it goes for a long time, thank god.

#9 RE: Cases

Perhaps it could be a bug with iOS 11.3 and the the company who makes your case. The case you got, was it an Apple case or made by another company? What is the make and model of your case? If it was written on the product page on Amazon that this accessory was indeed "Made For iPhone (MFI), then that is rather strange that you are getting that message.

If the company on Amazon claims that it is MFI, and as long as it's not Amazon themselves who make the case, then I would contact Amazon and let them know. If the company claims that it is MFI certified but it really isn't, then the company shouldn't be advertising that it is, would be against Amazon's policies.

Same would go for the cable, if the company claims it is MFI but isn't really, then I would contact Amazon to let them know. I would be curious to know what company makes your case and cable though.

Hope you figure this out!

#10 cases

They are from 2 different companies. I can not believe that 2 cases from different places give me the same message. Strange.

#11 Apple smart case

So I got from amazon within one day. I put it in the iPhone 7. I do not see any button to press to recharge the iPhone. I did hear message smart case. How this works?