Looking for Dice World users

I'm looking for people to challenge me on Dice World? Would anyone of you want to play?
Dice World Username: milkshake_tunmi
I'm level 14, almost to level 15.
Games i know how to play are:
Farkle! Bonus
Pig! Bonus
1-4-24! Bonus
Threes! Bonus
Yatzy! Optional


#1 Name changed

Sorry, my username is now

#2 My dice world user name.

Feel free to challenge me as well. My user name is Lisa621 Games I will play are, Farkle, threes, and 1/4/24. I will play either bonus, or non bonus games.

#3 diceWorld username

you can play against me.
My user name is:
I play all games.

#4 My dice world user name

TotalDarkness and I only play farkle, pig, threes and 1/4/24 no bonus.

#5 Thanks

Thanks I'll challenge both of you to the games you know how to play.

#6 i play all games

user name pinkstrawberry

#7 My dice world user name.

My user name is blacky. Hit me up for farkle and pig alone.

#8 here it goes!

Yes, I play dice world.
My user is talksina.
Unfortunately these days I am a bit busy, but you can join me

#9 My user name

Hi, my user name is SalemAndSabrina and I play all games bonus and non bonus.

#10 response to looking for diceworld players

greetings to all who read this I play all types of game bonus and non bonus to. user is
I accept all challenges:)

#11 I like to play

I play dice world! Username is Jacinta1230! Hit me up if you ever need a player!

#12 Dice Worlders beware!

You will be badly beaten if you dare to challenge Charles4209 to any games other than Balot, bonus or nonbonus. You! have! been! warned!!

#13 Hmmm

Hmmm, ok we need proof lol. I'm challenging you, and warning, I've beaten a lot of people who dare challenged me too lol!

#14 I dare you...

Userhane's KevanGC. I play (and usually win at) everything except Balut, so yeah you're probably going to lose. Ha ha

#15 Dice World username

I play Farkle, and Pig I kinda know how to play Yatzy Username is Lipsaremoving13. Feel free to challenge me.

#16 I play all games

My user name is cjackson102

#17 Dice World

I play all games. My user name is: Tim Schwartz

#18 hi, i am michal639 i play

hi, i am michal639 i play farkle and pig, bonuses only.

#19 dice world user

FEEL free to challenge me as well. My username is jesse

#20 Dice World User

I'm TeresaPipistrelle if anyone wants to play. I'm also Vegaspipistrelle on Game Center.

#21 Add me

Add me if you would like to play dice world with me I play everything but Ballut my username is hisqueen. I like to meet new people so chat it up as well :)

#22 Dice World

My dice world username is Appleman. I play all games, but no non-bonus ones for me.

#23 Dice World

Haven't seen any comments lately about this, but I play all games, bonus or not. User name is pauljasper and please let me know you found me from this post. Thanks.

#24 dice world user name

I play all games bonus, or none bonus. My user name is cjackson102

#25 my username

My name on Dice World is: Bree Song-flower and I play yatzee, balut, 1, 4, 24 and farkle. I actually play all games. Prefer bonus games.

#26 Love diceworld!

I know that this is a very old topic but thought i'd add my name anyway in case anyone wants to challenge me. II am wit beyond measure on diceworld and also at RSGames. I play all games but bonus only please. feel free to challenge me and I'll feel free to beat you!

#27 dice world

My user name is cjackson102 and I play all games bonus or no bonus.

#28 diceworld

My username is Nancy987. I play all games except Pig. I also only play bonus games. I look forward to playing any of you.

#29 Yeah, I will play u, my name

Yeah, I will play u, my name is brockfan

#30 I play anyone, and play all

I play anyone, and play all games

#31 My name is brockfan,

My name is brockfan, challenge me