Cheep games for a present

My friend Anastasia loves games. I was going to send a game for her. I would like recomendations of cheap games.


#1 What kind?

There are lots of cheap/free games. Too many in some respects. what kind of games does she like? We have everything from puzzle, to simulator to story-based adventure with sound and voice.

#2 Games

She is not much into interactive fiction or adventure games. She has a few games, wich she has gotten from me. She has problems with fine movement but that is okay. She loves games. She is never on this forum wich is why I can ask here. She uses a bluetooth keyboard on her iPad but can use the touchscreen on her iPhone and iPad with some patience. She likes lots of games.

#3 Sushi Go

I got Sushi Go for her wich was great. I just discovered this app and she thinks it is playable, but again, wich a little bit of patience and fine movement. She is really good.

#4 What type of game?

I like Sushi Go too, and this is great, but what type of games she like?
More RPG, or MMO, maybe more manager? I preffer games with currency and I love games with upgrades. List of cheap games is really long

#5 if she likes dice games she

if she likes dice games she would love dice world. I myself love dicee world and play all the time, it's 6 dice games and they are all easy to learn and fun