Bringing Back iOS Game Like Audio Defence

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Calling all Blind gamers. I am working with a game production company to develop a game similar to Audio Defence. I guess I got tired of waiting around for someone else to do it. My game is called The Circus Masters Revenge. You guessed it. Instead of zombies coming at you. You will have 23 different kinds of circus performers that are trying to attack you. This game is still in the early stages of development. My first time attempting something like this so I am being very very picky. I don’t care if the blind community wants to play this game or not. I want to play it because I am a blind gamer that misses this type of game. I have to admit that when Somethin Else left iOS. I was really upset. I never even got to play the night jar. They definitely were ahead of their time as far as game play goes. Atleast on a mobile platform. Nobody since has even come close. This is where I want to succeed. Not just for all the blind gamers out there but for me. If you are interested in a game like this. Let me know in a comment. The more gamers interested in a game like this will help my game producers understand how important this game will be to us. I even got Marty from the blindfold series interested in this game. He is helping me understand the business side of this adventure. So when this game is developed and you enjoy it make sure you thank him for helping me out with the process. I will keep everyone updated on the progress right here. Thanks for your time. I will try my best not to let you down.


#451 Hello! Thank you so much for

Hello! Thank you so much for the game you are preparing for us, I can not wait to buy it! I recommend however, do not forget to include the Italian language otherwise we will not be able to fully enjoy all the potentials of the game. I would suggest the 4 main languages: English, Italian, French and Spanish. Then you will judge if it will be possible to include other languages ​​as well. However, I think that more languages ​​will be there and the game will be perfect.

#452 YouTube?

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I have been fighting myself for a long time about doing a YouTube blog post for mental vision. Here is number one.

#453 Cool

Can’t wait to listen to this. Will do it as soon as I can tomorrow a

#455 Well, you definitelly

Well, you definatelly have the hype going for the game, now it only remains to be seen if the game can live up to that promiss and the expectation, which I really hope.

#456 You guys will love this game

This game is awesome. You will absolutely love this game.

#457 Mority

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I just hope that you all can trust me. I am a completely blind person like most of us, and I love to game. I started this project because I was tired of waiting for someone else to do it. I am not doing this for only me. I am doing this for all of us. Am I making a great game? Yes! Is this something that our community really needs? Yes! Will this game wake up other developers to our community? It better! Believe it or not, we are family in this small community. Do you think I would let you guys down? No, because then I would be letting myself down. Can you believe the hype? Definitely! Who is the best person to create a kick ass blind game for blind gamers? A pissed off blind gamer! That is me. That is mental vision! Believe the hype. Thank you Drummer guy. I am glad that you had a chance to test CMR. Nobody believes it. you are lucky to have tested the basic version of the game. I did not give the testers all of the specials. it Is 100 times better than what the testers were able to experience. Ha ha. I will be posting my 3D Audio blog on YouTube tonight. Don’t worry, I will give you guys the link here. Don’t listen to it and less you want to be more excited about CMR. Keep being handy capable.

#458 With you all the way, Joseppie

You have done an excellent job, my friend. This game will absolutely kick ass left and right hands down. Beta testing this game is an opportunity to help bringing an awesome game to our community. The experience is fantastic. The game is just incredible. I definitely love it. Thank you, Joe, for making it happen. Thank you, Mental Vision. CMR is coming and you better believe it. :-)

#459 I can't wait!

This game rule the app store. it will be an awsum game

#460 Test

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I finally figured out how to use my hookE verse. I just uploaded a test on YouTube. I apologize for it not being as entertaining as it was supposed to be. If everything works correctly my next video will be awesome. It still gives you a good experience. Enjoy

#462 any updates on

Any updates on when the release date for this game will be? It's March 28 now and I think the release was predicted to be in this month.