iOS Device to Device Remote Control


I am looking for an app to allow full remote control of an iOS device from another iOS device.

For example, I use an iPod Touch 6 as a music storage and playback device. I would like to be able to fully control that device from my iPhone 7.

I currently use the Tango Remote app to control the playback of music from the iPod. This works very well and I like it. However, there are times when I'd like to tweak the EQ presets on the iPod, or other iOS functions. While Tango lets me control volume and the playback of playlists and songs, it doesn't give me full access to the device.

Is there such a thing that would give me full access to my iPod, and even better, allow for the iPod's Voice Over to play through my Bluetooth ear piece paired to my phone, rather than through the audio system attached to the iPod?

Thanks in advance




I already use Tango Remote, and while I am happy with it, i am looking for more access to functions outside of just playback. The other app appears to have less functions than Tango, but I haven't tried it.

What i am looking for is full access to the iPod, including the Home Screen, and other apps.