iOS 9.2 voiceover freezing after some time of use?

Has anyone noticed on 9.2 using an iPhone6s voiceover will suddenly start to stop responding for a couple of seconds and then respond only to start not responding after a few seconds of normal use, you have to respring the device?


#1 count me in

Happens to me all the time after updating to iOS 9.2
The only thing that resolves it for me, is doing a hard reset with holding the sleep and home buttons down untill the phone restarts...
Very frustrating. Really hope Apple fixes this in the next update.

#2 I'm in

It's just so annoying. Especially with the Siri Male Enhanced voice. It reads a sentence but cuts out some of the words.
EX: I ate an apple.
Siri Male Voice Would Say: ... ate ... apple.

#3 I never noticed it until 9.2

It started for me with 9.2 using Alex.

#4 Time

Pressing power button still not tell you the time. It work for several days but no longer. So is 9.3 beta out? Hope they fix it.

#5 Voiceover freezes in iOS 9 .2

Hello, I spoke to Apple today concerning this issue hopefully I'll hear back from them soon I think it is important for all voiceover users to get this issue resolve. Given the fact that I'm using an iPhone 6 and it makes it difficult for me to navigate with Alex with it freezing almost every time. Hope Apple response back

#6 contact apple

Please email and or call apple accessibility.

#7 Freezing only on my 6S plus.

This freezing came out of nowhere, I've had my apple watch for almost two weeks and all of a sudden VO on my iPhone 6s plus freezes, but VO is perfectly fine on my 5-S. I've restored the 6-s plus, but that didn't help.

#8 Freezing for me too!

I have also noticed this freezing attitude with my iPhone6 but only in the facebook app. That too if I get to land on suggested video. Lol this may be peculiar. But this is what I have noticed.


#9 voiceover freezing

hi all, i've had this as well, i think their is a memory leak somewhere, i've reported this to apple.

#10 Yes.

It freezes on my iPad Mini. The last freeze happen when I was in the app store looking at an app. I can't move. It double-taps something, launches unwanted buttons and so on? Has anyone experienced this?

#11 Slowdown

Yes I have same problem. I have to restart by doing power home to restart. That last works for a while and it comes back. Hope those who are testing beta iOS 9.2.1 do not see this problem anymore.