IOS 8 and the health app

Hello all, Opened the Health app today and set up as much as I could, and it seems that I need a second app that tracks things like steps and mileage when I workout. Any recommendations on the best app to pair with the health app and any problems with pairing them? I have a iPhone 5, but will be upgrading in December or January.


Not available yet

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A number of such apps were due to come out when iOS 8 was launched, but Apple pulled them from the App Store because of a bug with the Health Kit. They are hoping to fix the issue by the end of the month. Until that happens, there will not be any apps available that utilize Health Kit.


Thanks dvdmth, that clears up the questions I had as to why they included it in the release.

Re IOS 8 and the Health App.

I have an iPhone 5s with IOS 8 and I use an app called pedometer. I have also used iSteps light. I haven't touch the health app yet, but maybe one of those would work with it.

Any progress?

Well, it's been close to two months since the original post and explanation. Any word on bug fixes and new products designed to work with Health Kit? I am mainly interested in a bluetooth scale and blood pressure monitor. I've seen may such devices, but do not know if they are compatible with the Health app and are accessible.

its fixed

i believe health kit was fixed. you have to be running ios 8.1 though.