IOS 7 and the iPad

Hi all. So IOs in general was discussed, I'm now asking, what would be good to include on IOs 7 in terms of the iPad? I have the iPad II and the only thing I can say that's minimal but would be nice, is to intensify the wifi connectivity. Granted my phone has probems, but I suspect being a little sluggish does that. Has anyone else found they need to reconnect their devices more often? I noticed with with this iPad, my brother having use ofit, and he's in the same room with the modem. So I guess this should also go in the other IOs Accessibility topic, but I'd like to see wifi enhanced if possible on the iPad. What else can others think of? Just curious.


iOS 7

I hope that the problem with voiceover repeating phone number when you are in call. Makes it hard to talk and need to turn voiceover off to be able to talk.