IOS 6.1 Keyboard shortcuts

Hi everybody I'm learning to use shortcut keys to IOS Version 6.1 with my Logitech keyboard. I have document With all of the keyboard shortcuts for IOS5 but some of them are not working in IOS6.1 I'm looking for a shortcut key for: 1. Delete open applications from App Switcher on iPad/Iphone 2. Select all 3. cut / copy and paste Is anyone can help?


#1 This may be able to help

Hi, When you're in the app switcher, you should be able to press control, option and M on the app, and it should say editing apps, and then just control option space to close them. For editing commands, command A selects all, command X cuts, command C copies, and command V pastes. Hope this has helped :)

#2 Lock the screen?

I don't assume there's a way to lock the screen from a keyboard?

#3 I've never found one.

I've never found one.

#4 Not Working

Hi the keyboard shortcut for closing apps not working also' When i selected a text with cmd+a, the text was selected but voiceover did not say / read the commend nor say selected. It is true also for copy and paste

#5 Hmm,

I wasn't sure about the closing apps one, but the select, copy cut and paste one always works for me.

#6 The closing apps from the app

The closing apps from the app switcher command is actually Control option shift m.

#7 Possible key to lock / unlock

How to lock /unlock screen from the bluetooth keyboard. Hi first that all, I haven't used my bluetooth keyboard for while however on mine has or works one key to unlock /lock the screen... The key is located on the first rose. Where are located all the F keys Starting from left to right it is the last one Hope this helps My bluetooth keyboard has 5 rose

#8 Thanks its working grate

The Control option shift m. shortcut Works! thanks ilana

#9 Not a problem at all. I am

Not a problem at all. I am glad I could help in some way. I enjoy helping others with technology!!!!!

#10 That's what I meant

Hi, Sorry, that's what I meant. I was a bit tired this morning it would seem. Lol.