iOS 6: Bug List

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Hello all! Now that we are all in the process of digesting all of the new things with in the IOS 6. I am curious in what bugs you have found so far? Our goal is to compile a comprehensive list that we could perhaps send off to Apple for considerations in helping us for the next update for IOS 6. Together, I think we can do it! So I ask if you wouldn't mind in joining in with me and with all of all of you on AppleVis. To hop in and leave in what you have found together. I know in the past few days that a lot of remarks and regrets have been said. I can only hope we can forgive each other and slowly mend our community back together. As a united front in finding these bugs together will only help us make the next IOS 6 update that much better if you would kindly join in with us on this effort. Thanks so much and happy bug hunting!


alerts randomly stop reading

Hi, I called into accessibility about this to let them know as well, but is anyone else aware of this? I can't really tell what causes it, but alerts like shaking the phone to undo typing or similar alerts of that nature are sometimes not read by vo. The only way I've managed to fix it is by rebooting the device, but it seems to continue to happen at random where it stops reading alerts automaticly. I can tap to find it however, but alerts like shaking the phone kind of have to be read so you're not shaking the device to death. Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this bug so I could update Apple on this? Or am I the lonely one with this bug?

Saw this once, haven't again

Hi, I saw this one a few days ago, but haven't since. My phone has worked very well, and I honestly can't find any bugs I want to complain about. If I do, rest assured I will call Apple Accessibility.

rotor and speech bug

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I haven't tried it with braille yet, but I turned off speech and did the rotor gesture. Just like always, speech came back on. Granted I can't see when you would use this gesture with speech off, but I suppose you might if you were moving around the screen with a finger anyway. Also, lifting a finger in touch typing mode now works for all buttons except the one to action the text, such as enter or search; that button must still be double tapped. I can't decide if I like it that way, though, so you are sure you are ready to go when you have to split tap instead of just lifting a finger.

Features in my view

I categorize both the items you mention as features, myself. In particular, I'd be a bit disconcerted if the touch typing mode worked too well, and my finger inadvertently triggered something I hadn't intended to. On a semi-related note, I should point out that with touch typing, we lose the ability to double tap and hold the ".com," button in Safari to access alternate suffixes, like .edu or .net. THat's the one instance where standard typing seems preferable to me.

VO Volume Changes

This isn't new. But it still irritates me. The volume of VO is not saved when VO is turned off and then on again either by a gesture, or by rebooting the device. If you use the rotor to enable VO volume changing, it doesn't move in consistent steps. . If starting from the default, swiping down changes the volume in the following order of percentages. 75 70 65 55 50 45 35 25 20 15 10 5 1 Swiping up goes consistently in 5 percent increments.

Got IOS 6 on my ipad.

Hi folks, I downloaded IOS 6 successfully to my Ipad II. Samantha compact voice is who got me up & going. I had the full samantha in IOS 5. How do I change the voice? I should know, but have forgotten. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Beefs AndBouquets--Maybe

Well, I also did the deed and ran into a strange problem when finishing off the update. The phone would not accept my Apple store password which I could enter in my sleep; I was actually awake (VBG) and tried three times. When I performed the same task using itunes after skipping the phone process, it was accepted as expected. The maps program on first poke seems truly awesome though I wouldn't mind having access to some documentation, and in fact all docs for IOS 6. If this is possible to get on the IPhone, I ain't smart enough to find out how or where. Help on this will get some a remembrance in my will. Ande I have to say it like so many others, this site and all the gang are way far beyond awesome!

Crashes in maps

I have reported that to Apple, but if we have a lot reports the engineers could fix it faster. On IPhone 3gs, and 4, when you turn on the tracing with direction, it crashes and can not be usable. Voiceover can't tell you the name of the street where you are or the street that you'¡re going to cross

i o s 6 bugs

Hi, I have used i o s 6 for months and can tell u that there are major focus issues. For example when u compose a message, the focus goes to cancel button. The focus should move to the text field. Also, When u reset all settings voice over does not come back on if u do a tripple click home. Please comfirm this. Also, in some apps voice over saved position of the last item u were on. If u still have i o s 5 install i blink radiow. Go to podcast and click on access wizard as an example. Now hit back button the focus should land u on the location u were at. This is broken in i o s 6. Besides that, it is a great update.

language resetting

If you have VoiceOver's language set to anything other than the default, and shut down then restart voiceOver, the language is reset back to the default. This also happens if VO crashes.

Possible bug, also suggestion

Hi all. I'll start with someone who needed to get the full samantha on her phone. Connect it to your wireless netowrk and in literally no time you'll have it. when I updated, I didn't even get a chance to connect it, the phne seemed to automatically do that. Has anyone noticed that when you get a notification, and try to unlock the screen with the bluetooth keyboard, I should say i'm using the apple one, the phoen doesn't always open? It could be my batteries dying which is ok if that's the case. Voice over seems pseedier when various actuons are performed, like launching some apps, although sometimes a little bit choppy if I try and move to fast around the screen. For the person who didn't have his iTunes password accepted, I wonder if there's just a huge overload of the Apple servers and that's why? I didn't over the air update, because of that and will update my iPad two later. In all this is a great IOS update. I just wish they'd given Siri to some of us with an iPad. :( The only other thing I would have liked is the ability to have the send button act as the delete and shift ones do where you just lift a finger to send the message. It might not be a popular feature, but maybe they could toggle a double tap to send or something.

Additional suggestion

Hi, Pammyj55kc, I would follow the steps Siobhan mentioned, in addition to charging your iPad while your Wi-Fi is on. If your iPad already has a full battery, just unplug it once the high quality voice installs. This method was suggested by a friend, and it usually resolves the problem. Good luck.

Bug with IOS6 asw well

Hi, like Shavonne also,I also did not do the OTA update, I downloaded the 900 or so MB file from apples servers. ( just did it to be safe, and I also like to keep the ipsw files on hand just in case I have to restore. ) That all went well, but here is the bug that I am seeing with voice over. You know when your screen is locked and you get more then one notification and it says, show notifications list? Well, when I click on that button, VO doesn't do anything, it just sits there. The only way to get ride of tat until it happens again is to lock, and then unlock the phone I remember this was an issue back in IOS 5.0 and they fixed it. Has anyone ran into that problem? What can I do to tell apple about this issue as well? I have a verizon iPhone 4 16 GB model just in case anyone was wondering what kind of phone I had.

one other bug I've noticed.

When I got the first call after the installation of IOS 6, Voice over didn't read it clearly as it came in, I had to switch to find out who it was. It was my dad, no one important :D The other thing i've noticed is that if you end a call using the power button, then open the screen, you're still in the phone app. I also wanted to apologize for my horrible spelling in the other comment. I just didn't read before I sent it. Let's see if Apple pushes out a new update soon.

bug or suggestion

Hello, When you turn speech off while using VoiceOver, you still here the VoiceOver sounds, unlike previous versions of iOS. I've been beta testing iOS, and this bug has been reported; however, Apple hasn't responded to the bug request I filed. I wonder if they're taking this as a new feature?

an iOS 6 bug I barely noticed

Hello, I wish I knew about this bug sooner, but there is a bug not many people are aware of on iOS 6. If you tap the screen with three fingers, then with one finger, VoiceOver's speech will be turned off. Apparently VoiceOver thins your tapping twice with three fingers. Just wanted to notify people about this.

Another phone bug. Speech

Another phone bug. Speech seems a *lot* quieter now with the new update during calls. It's almost impossible to enter numbers into an automated system, for example, when speech / noise is coming through on the other end.

Quick reminder to be filing radars

Since we're all talking about bugs, don't forget to file radars. I wrote a short comment awhile back about radar best practices: If you have radars for anything you've posted about, putting them here would make it easier for people to file dupes and get them fixed sooner.

Hi, I noticed that on some

Hi, I noticed that on some webpages, the focus loves to jump around when you go through headings.

headings bug

Hello, The headings bug has been around since iOS 5, I think. I've only experienced it on the iPad, not the iPhone. I'll file a bug report to Apple about this as soon as possible.

Using 1 finger after 3 seems like a feature

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I just played with the "bug" where touching with 3 fingers and then 1 finger will mute speech. If you do it fast, this is true, but if you do it slowly or even at a normal speed it does not happen. Also, if you doubel tap with that one finger, you will toggle the screen curtain. I kind of like it, though, not quite as much effort involved. I know that sounds lazy, but vo users know what I mean.

Yes, this bug still exists if

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Yes, this bug still exists if you have speech off and change rotor options, but it does not occure when you jump from rotor option to rotor option using braille keyboard commands. Yes, the VoiceOver clicks and beaps still being present when speech is turned off is slightly annoying, but you can still mute your iDevice to get rid of them.

Just one thing I have found. iphone 3gs

Hi all. I had to restart my phone once since the upgrade. I find this always happens after an upgrade at least once. So maybe it would be good practice to reboot your phone yourself after the install process. Anyway it took forever for things to come up. When the lock screen came up things didn't speak good at all. Once I got out of the locked screen though and the phone finished its rebooting things were fine. So not sure this is a bug so much as a slow phone due to the model. I have not experienced any of the wifi issues. Or any of the other things actually that have been mentioned here. But I don't email much and don't have alerts coming in all the time. So that could just be because I don't use the features. I do note however that music plays a bit slow on my king od dragon pass app. And it breaks up. Again however this could be because of a memory issue. The iphone 3gs has really been outdated now for a while and I am surprised they even made this update for the 3gs as well as the newer models. Except for the things mentioned here. Really all in all things work faster in this software update. And I am extremely pleased. But for if there are still 3gs users out there. Just be aware that this update will take a bit to install. And some apps may behave slightly differently in loading and such. But again I think this is more a hardware issue than a software. the iphone 3gs is old. And I have a 8 gig model so I don't have much room on it anyway. enough for me up to now. But things are changing. I can't wait till december when I can upgrade. Have fun all.

Possible weather app bug

Hi! I use my iPhone's built-in weather app most days, and, when I opened it this morning, after upgrading to IOS 6 last night my time, I discovered that, even though I only have three cities in that app, there were four pages of weather, and page 1 repeated itself on page 2: the old pages 2 and 3 became pages 3 and 4 respectively. However, when I went into Edit Cities, there were only three places listed there, as normal. I assume this repetition of a weather page must be a bug, as I can't see any reason why one page in the weather app should show up twice otherwise. My iPhone is a 32-gig 4S, but I don't suppose that makes any difference.

Lock screen and notifications.

As an iPhone with Voiceover, I choose to turn off the lock screen, and banners. Then I can see notifications on my terms.

receive photos and phone doesn't let me save them, no speech

Hi guys, I received photos via MMS yesterday, so I did the normal click on it and wanted to click on the action button to save them, well, after clicking on the photo as I did before iOS 6, nothing was spoken and the phone didn't talk, so I couldn't get to the button to save the photos and to get out of messages, had to hit home the double tap it and close it from the app switcher, so if I receive photos, click on them messages freezes, anyone else have this problem? thanks oh I am using an iPhone 4S and now iOS 6, this problem was not existant yesterday before the update to iOS 6. I'll keep playing around and figure out if there are more bugs.

VO volume

I just rebooted my phone to see if the VO reset its volume to 100, and I had no problems at boot, booted up fast and I was urprised to not be deffenned by voiceover,had it set to 80% when I turned it off the phone that is and after boot it was still at 80% but I'll fiddle with languages and see if it stays when booting the phone or turning voiceover off. love this forum!

speech setting on ios 6

when i change the voice from irish to US English when I turn off Voice over and turn it back on agian i am back to the Irish voice it doesn't remember my settings.

Re: Possible Weather bug

Hi, I think what might be going on here is that IOS detects your current location. So for example if you had London in as a City for your weather updates, but are currently located in london you'll see it twice. One for the current local weather and one for the city you added manually. So all you need to do is remove your home location and let IOS detect it locally. Hope this helps,

Its not a bug. You can

Its not a bug. You can varify this by going into settings, privacy, location services, and turning off weather. After doing this, go back into your weather app. I bet you will see 3 cities like you did before upgrading to IOS 6. The weather app is simply giving you weather based on your gps location plus the cities you set manually. This is why you see the same city twice. The nice thing about leaving weather on in location services is you can see the weather of the city you are in while traveling.

a couple of bugs

For me, the two most noticeable bugs are the focus bug especially while navigating by headings in Safari and the crashing in maps. I already emailed these to

Problem with Rotor speech

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Hi. Just a note here. For the most part, I am loving the new software. I find it very responsive on the 4S. Obviously I haven't had time to play around with all of the features yet, but what I have done is very neat. One problem I have is that when pasting text between apps, if you interrupt the speech while it is reading text back after pasting and then try to use the rotor, you get no speech and have difficulty figuring out what setting the rotor is then adjusting. Most notably, I found this problem using Fleksy when copying text to then post into a text message. That wouldn't be the end of the world, however the edit rotor setting is not where it used to be, aka right after words when turning clockwise. Anyone else had this problem? Cheers....Scott

More on Weather: possible bug

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I rarely use the Weather app, but I tried it just now to try to confirm the city repetition problem (before I read the explanation). However, I seem to remember being able to use 3-finger swipes to move between city pages. Now, you must double tap the "page x of y" control to move to the next page. Minor, but annoying if you routinely manage several cities. This is on an iPod Touch fourth generation.

Touch Typing Shuts off with Zoom

I've got this both on my iPad 3 and iPod Touch 4G. When using VO and Zoom together touch typing doesn't work. The key is selected but letting go doesn't type it in. I can manually select the standard typing mode and it works, but have to turn off zoom (double tap 3 fingers) and then turn VO completely off and on again (triple click home) to get touch typing working again. Starting Zoom up again shuts down touch typing again. I've worked with Zoom on most of the time so far so I don't know if this can happen with zoom off as well. Anyone else getting this issue? I'd be glad if someone could test this and verify that I don't have an issue with my devices.

Labeling Elements on iPaD 3

I'm unable to label elements on my iPad 3. I can do it on the iPod Touch 4G. I can double tap 2 fingers and hold, the interface comes up. I enter a label, but it is not saved. The element retains it's former name. Old labels that I've made prier to updating to IOS 6 have disappeared as well.

Don Not Disturb

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Has anyone notice that when the Do Not Disturb is on that the Twitter still gets through and alerts me? All other alerts have remained quiet as it should be.

choppy game audio

I'm not sure if this is a game issue or a VoiceOver issue, but when I open a game such as King of Dragon Pass or Stemstumper, the game audio (background music) skips as VoiceOver begins to read an element of the screen. Has anyone else noticed this?

Re: Choppy Game Audio

I tested this with Stem Stumper on my 4S. Game started, VO said, "loading," then I swiped as fast as possible through the options such as follow on twitter, like on Facebook, Play now, etc. Then I went through the next screen with no skipping. That was the first time I started the App. I then removed it from the app switcher and launched it again. This time, I got the skipping described in the previous post. Interesting! Another interesting thing I've seen a couple times now. If you hit home to put the currently focused app in the background, then almost immediately hit the home button twice rapidly to get into the app switcher, the phone acts as if you did not press the home button at all. Can anyone else reproduce that one? This is with a 4S.

choppy sounds in audio games

Hello, I have also noticed this bug with the latest update. Games like hanging with friends or fruit machine really sound choppy when you're using voice over. I'm not sure if this is something the people with the games need to update, but if this is happening on multiple games, I suspect that it's a sound issue that apple will have to take care of on their end.

Apple's jobs page not loading

I have seen this crop up since I've gotten iOS 6, and wanted to run this one by all of you. When you try to sign in to Apple's jobs page, the page never loads. Do the following to duplicate: 1. Go to 2. Tap "Job Opportunities 3. Choose retail 4. Sign in with your Apple id if you have a profile on that page, which I do Notice that the page tries to load up, but it is blank according to VoiceOver. You will hear VO say "Apple Inc."

OS 6 bug.

A bug I have found in the OS 6 update is typing with the Iphone keyboard. When filling information or trying to type a message, the keys will not speak, so I do not know exactly what key I am pressing. There is no voice only on the "more numbers" key and the "return" key.

typing issues.

Hi all, Does anybody experience sluggish typing when composing a new message? Also typing when music is playing has become very slow. I'm not sure if it's due to the iphone being two years old. RUnning ios 6 on the iphone 4. Thanks.

voice speaking after answering a call?

Hi all. I'm using the new IOS on the iPhone four. When I double tap the answer button, it will stay after I bring the phone to my ear, Answer, slide or double tap. has anyone experienced this?

A few bugs

First, one of the more crucial ones: I was eating out in a fancy place when someone called. Beforehand, I invoked the mute switch on phone, forgot DND was in the update, and had Voiceover speak rather loudly not only who was calling, but that she left a voicemail. This was stated more than once, along with other notifications. Problem was: I could do nothing to silence it. Screen wasn't functioning either. Not exactly a new issue aside from the frozen screen, but you'd think Apple would do something to address the inconsistency, right? Another possible bug anyone? How about the ringtone audio not ducking as it likely should as you use Voiceover to read the screen. I'm well aware you can use a volume button to mute the ringer, but everyone else might not. Besides that, there's the battery issues I was worried about. Anyone notice Airplay seems to take more energy to use? I must say it starts faster though, but that won't matter after I hit the 1% mark out in the field when I bring the tunes, and I'm forgetting I'm now stuck with a seemingly more power-hungry version . Another bug unrelated to Voiceover: Weather had me in the wrong location from the notification center. It fixed itself after 20 minutes though. On an iPhone 4.

Graphic labeling bug

There's a program I like to use called monolith loops. It's probably my favorite app on the iPhone, but I just haven't submitted it to review. Anyway, some of the button labels have disappeared, anticancer relabel them. Also, the focus jumps from place to place. For example, while I was just composing this message, I swiped from the right from name to subject, but before it could complete the word subject, it jumped over to Twitter. Then, when I clicked on that comment edit text fields, it wouldn't begin editing. I had to swipe the screens over so that it was sunscreen one of five. I also find that it's a bit sluggish, but I think That's just a memory issue. I also think the audio games music and audio skipping is also a memory issue. Try rebooting. If this problem persists, you might use voice overs compact voices until it's resolved. I'm also having voiceover crashes and restarts with maps. It occurs, like other poster said, when you're trying to track streets. It's not too much of an inconvenience, but I can tell they just packed too many good features in the iOS six! I can't wait to get an iPhone five. By the way, raining For S.g

bluetooth keyboard issues

I have an Apple bluetooth keyboard. IOS 6 seems to have broken some of the functionality of the function keys. I use it in a music app to navigate from 1 track to another. It will not allow me to turn down volume or replay a given tune. I have found the keyboard easier to use while navigating music files than the touch screen. I hope they fix this issue. Anyone else notice it?

No More WiFi Sync to iTunes

Since upgrading to iOS 5.0, I cannot get my iPod Touch 4g to do a WiFi sync. It does not show up in the Devices section unless wired to my computer. When connected to the computer, I checked to make sure WiFi sync was enabled. It is. I disabled it, synced, and then enabled it and synced. Same thing. I checked the General settings for WiFi sync, and it says the PC is not available. Anyone else? Is there anything else I can try?

Concerning sound issue in games

I personally have not found that using a compact voice gets rid of the skipping sound in audio games. When I first played Hanging With Friends yesterday, for the first time after installing IOS 6 I mean, I was using the compact version of my default voice, having not yet got the high-quality one back, which happened later. The important point here is, that the sounds in Hanging With Friends have continued to break up a bit ever since I got IOS 6, whether I have used a compact or non-compact voice with that game. I admit I haven't tried rebooting before playing it, though.

Total Voice Over Reset

As a rule, I clear out the task switcher and reboot my iPod Touch 4g before going to sleep at night. This way, I start the day fresh, and so does my iPod. I did it last night, and heard the iPod restart and Voice Over announced the screen was locked. This morning, when the iPod alarm went off, it wasn't talking. All of my Voice Over settings were gone. Triple Click Home didn't turn it back on. I had to get my wife to turn Voice Over on for me. When I went in, all Voice Over settings were gone. Not only had it been turned off, and the home button function disabled, I lost my settings for speech, including the rotor settings. I've never had this happen before.