iOS 11; should I upgrade?

Hello, is it worth it to upgrade to iOS 11 at this point? As there appears to be some bugs within voiceover. Thanks in a Vance for all your help


iOS 11; should I upgrade?

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Hello there,

I am generally delighted with message deletion and battery performance apart.

I am personally waiting to

I am personally waiting to upgrade until the significant braille bugs are ironed our, hopefully in the next rlease. If you are a braille user I would definitely wait to upgrade. If not then I would probably go for it.

iOS 11; should I upgrade? |

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I did not encounter any trouble other than the problems I experienced in my previous message.
I think it can be used.

well... maybe not yet

Hi. Like the previous poster, I'm waiting too. But, I think it depends on how you use it. And it majorly depends on your tolerance. If you can tolerate the bugs and annoyances and find workarounds them go for it. But if you think for some reason you shouldn't upgrade right now, then listen to your instincts. I learned the hard way it was sometimes best to wait with ios. 10. I don't want to discourage you from upgrading if you want to, but I also want you to be aware of pros and cons. Personally, I'm waiting until either the next release, or more likely, the alert that says I've got an update pods up on my screen and Apple forces me to take it. I've been tempted from reading articles on here and various other places. But I have also been tempted because of some bugs in ios. 10 that are quite annoying, like news articles in the native news app not being marked read, and also a bug in intermitent bug in dictation where as I'm dictating, voiceover will interrupt with the instructions for dictation and sometimes it will be put into the document or whatever I'm dictating at the moment. This one is really quite annoying, as I use dictation quite a bit. But in the end, I think it's best to wait until the next release if possible or until Apple gives you an alert that says you have the update and forces the issue.

I haven't had any real big

I haven't had any real big issues with the new iOS. I'd recommend reading the info on here about it. In my opinion, I'd go ahead and upgrade! Please note, if your volueme of Voiceover in the rotor is lower than say 5% then the voice is muted, so if you upgrade with the VoiceOver volume is lower, then raise it in the rotor before updating.


Also, I'd watch AppleVis and other news outlets to see what bugs are coming up. Also see what your friends/family are having issues with. I know that everyone uses their phone/tablet differently, and maybe some of your friends/family don't use voiceover, or other accessibility features, or maybe they do, but I think it helps.

i haven't updated but i'm

i haven't updated but i'm just curious what some of the bugs are to see if they're really hard to work around otherwise i'll probably go ahead and update.


Would wait for iOS 11.1 beta to finished. It is the worse iOS. I been using iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6 and 7.