Introducing Pocket Recorder - Accessible Audio Recorder

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We recently released an app called Pocket Recorder - Accessible Recorder by Sweetman Systems in the App Store. We know that there are many other recording apps currently in the App Store, but we have dedicated many hours to designing this app to be the easiest and most convenient app available to anyone with a visual impairment.
• Pocket Recorder’s menus are simple and easy to navigate.
• Icons are large and easy to find.
• Recordings are automatically uploaded to any device linked to your Dropbox account.
• Connect any iOS compatible braille display for easy editing and navigating.
• A simple, two finger double tap allows you to enter recording titles with your voice, rather than using the phone’s keyboard.
To find Pocket Recorder in the App Store open the link below on your mobile device or search for “Pocket Recorder Sweetman Systems” in the App Store.


#51 Thank You!

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Hi @Curtis chong, we are thrilled you are enjoying Pocket Recorder! There is currently a playback slider near the bottom of the playback screen. It is three swipes down once playback has started. Once you are on the slider Tap twice and hold with one finger, while holding your finger down slide UP to fast foward and Down to Rewind. We are working on improved playback controls that will include the ability to adjust playback speed as well which will be available in the next update.

#52 Dropbox bug

I thinis a bug with the Dropbox feature. When double tapping on it nothing seems to happen.

#53 Pocket Recorder Future Wish List

Thanks. I'm glad to have been provided with information about how to navigate through a recording that is being played back. Very helpful indeed. The audio quaity is fabulous, too.


Curtis Chong

#54 Thanks for the secret setting

Thanks for the secret setting in dropvox. I already forgot yoru handle so sorry about that lol! If you want to use a recorder for editing try ht recorder. I don't have a link right now but it works well and does just about everything, except voiceover comes out of the hand set not the bottom speaker and I'd rather have that.

#55 Dropbox Bug!

I've experienced this but have not yet seen an answer from the developer. Perhaps I missed it but I have been regularly checking.

#56 Hi Lynne

App Developer

I have direct messaged you.

#57 Upload bug

Hi, Andy.
Thanks for your reply.

I believe my Internet connection is reasonable--not blazingly fast but decent.

Additionally, I'm only using about 15% of my 2TB Dropbox storage capacity.

Interestingly, it recorded one short file from my iPod Touch but no others. It does, however, seem to have recorded all files from my iPhone.

I'll have to resort to using an old tried and true method to retrieve the recordings.

I've said many times that we all don't have the same experience. It's great that the app is working for so many and thanks so much for offering this truly accessible solution.

#58 Hokusai

I may buy the app just to support developers who make accessibility a priority, so thank you for that. However, please understand that an app simply being usable to a blind person doesn't mean it's an immediate selling point. Like anybody else, we, too, are discerning consumers who care about the app's feature set, and there are apps, most notably Hokusai, that literally do everything yours claims to do plus worlds more, were also designed with VoiceOver users in mind, and cost less. For example, Hokusai is fully accessible, supports numerous file formats, has extensive audio editing facilities, allows for low-latency multitrack recording, has a handsome suite of effects, is lightning fast and supports Dropbox and iCloud Drive storage -- and that's not even scratching the surface. To be fair, Hokusai has had several years to evolve into the powerhouse it is today, but I'm just giving you realistic perspective on the market you're targeting. Of course I don't speak for everyone, but that's just my take

#59 Purchased

I purchased the app to show my support and also so I can try it out. In an earlier reply I was perhaps a bit too critical. I was comparing the app with the similarly priced and accessible Hokusai app and highlighting how many more features you get with Hokusai. In thinking about it afterward, I decided I missed the mark. Hokusai is indeed laden with functionality, but, as a result, it's also not super immediate and does require a small learning curve. On the other hand, Pocket Recorder is not trying to be an end-all be-all recording suite; it's offering immediacy and simplicity instead -- and I think there's room in every blind person's toolkit for such an app. I haven't played with it yet but I'll share my impressions of it as soon as I can

#60 Pocket Recorder


My name is Ameen. I am visually impaired. I use a screen reader called VoiceOver on my iPhone. I did have a concern about the Pocket Recorder. There is no way to change the sensitivity of the recording. Also, there is no way to transfer the recording files into the computer through iTunes without using Dropbox. Also there is no way to transfer the recording files to the Pocket Recorder app through iTunes. You can't record the files in mp3 format. There is also no share button. If you can please allow Pocket Recorder to change the sensitivity of the recording, transfer recording files through iTunes, record in mp3 format, and have a share button as soon as possible, I would really appreciate it. Other than that, the Pocket Recorder app is really simple to use and the quality of the recording is great.

#61 You cannot with out paying

You cannot with out paying lame do mp3. Remember mp3 is patented so yeah,Please remember this.

#62 Any more promo codes?

Club AppleVis Member

I am looking for a good recorder for recording workshops where you have many excited people talking at the same time. :) I found many recording apps in the App Store and went through the AppleVis forum for comments. So far I find Pocket Recorder getting a lot of appreciation.
Andy, are the promo codes all exhausted? If there is one lying around, could you send me one at :)


#63 Pocket recorder

I do have many recording apps already. In which, i personally like dropvox since its having the mp3 format and background recording feature. I am not sure what way this one differs from dropvox?

#64 Differences from Dropvox

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Hi @raaj,
Here are a few of the differences: Pocket Recorder functions more like a traditional recorder, storing the recordings in a list within the application. Linking to Dropbox is optional and not required to make the app function. By storing recordings on the phone you can playback no matter what your internet connection. For example, you can listen to the lecture you recorded while your phone is in Airplane Mode. Recordings can be deleted from your phone anytime, but will remain in Dropbox if you have chosen to sync them, so you never have to worry if you lose your phone. To playback recordings with DropVox, you have to open them within the DropBox application, our app allows you to name your recording with your voice, keyboard or braille display and keep it in an organized list within the app while syncing it to Dropbox. Pocket Recorder exports to a .m4a file and the sound quality is very good. We do not currently offer an option to convert the files, so we preferred to use the highest quality option. In the aspect of quality and size, a .m4a file has the best original sound quality and is often referred to as the successor of .mp3. and compared with .mp3, the quality of .m4a is better and its file size is smaller than .mp3 file.
I hope this is helpful, and thank you for taking the time to consider Pocket Recorder!

#65 amazing app!

Hi @Andy just wanted to tell you that I'm loving the pocket recorder app. I haven't used it yet, but will use it soon. what will be coming for the next update? I cannot wait to try the next features when it becomes available. also, I would love to have the ability to record and listen to music in the backround, as well as when playing your recordings. overall, enjoying the app.

#66 Pocket Recorder

I prefer if the files can get transfer through iTunes file sharing. Is it possible you would consider doing that?

#67 Great!

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@djmacradio, we don't have a date for releasing new features yet, but we will be updating the app soon for minor bug fixes and stability. I'm so glad you are enjoying Pocket Recorder!

#68 Sharing Files.

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We definitely are looking into new ways to share the recordings from within Pocket Recorder and this is definitely an idea we are currently exploring! thanks for your feedback!

#69 Sharing Files.

App Developer

We definitely are looking into new ways to share the recordings from within Pocket Recorder and this is definitely an idea we are currently exploring! thanks for your feedback!

#70 your comment got posted twice

@andi your comment got posted twice. just thought you should know.

#71 It's slick! Couple of simple must-have enhancements though

I've played with it and it's super slick. The clean, minimalist interface has huge controls so it's quick to get around in. A few things that would make it even more convenient:
1. Two finger double tap gesture to start and stop recording while Voiceover is running and Pocket Recorder app has focus (similar to Apple's Voice Memos(
2. Support for the physical controls of the Apple earbuds - Start/stop recording/playback, skip to next/previous tracks in list, seek through currently playing track, etc (similar to Apple's Voice Memos(
3. Ability to single finger swipe up or down on a file in list view to quickly access common functions such as delete, rename, share, play, etc

#72 great idea!

@joe grate idea! hopefully @Andi will add those features in the next update.

#73 Latest Update Version 1.0.2

App Developer

Hi Everyone! Make sure to grab the most recent update to Pocket Recorder. We have eliminated some of the bugs that some of you were experiencing with Dropbox uploading and crashing. Thanks for all of your feedback, it is very helpful.
Please leave a comment in the App Store if you are finding the app useful or write back here if you have a comment or suggestion.

#74 please give some other sharing methods. can't upload to dropbox

2 days ago I was to a conference with a friend of mine and we used Pocket Recorder to record. My friend has a file of 2 hours and 30 minutes, I have 5 files of 30 minutes.
We can't upload to Dropbox and we have really needs to have the files because we must make a webradio program and podcast!
How can we extract the file from the app?
Can you enable itunes sharing at least, so we can see files from sharing folder of itunes?
Thank you.

#75 App Price and Related Questions

App Developer

Hi there. Is the app available on the Ios App Store. How much is it on the Mac? Does it allow editting the Recording? In what format can I record in and once I have uploaded the app on Dropbox will it still take storage Space of my Mac?

#76 iOS Only

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We do not have a version of Pocket Recorder to use on the Mac. Pocket Recorder will only work on iPhones and iPads.

#77 Can we have tryal version

Hi, did you have tryal version?
Before purchasing

#78 Dropbox Folder change

App Developer

Hi everyone!

If you have downloaded the latest version of Pocket Recorder which is 1.1.1 the Dropbox folder name will change when you relink your Dropbox. All new recordings will be found under Apps>PocketRecorder.

To relink your Dropbox, in Pocket Recorder Settings, choose "unlink Dropbox". Then choose "link Dropbox" and the new Pocket Recorder folder will be created automatically. All future recordings will be stored in this new folder.
All of your old recording will remain in the "AccessibleRecorder" Folder. You would need to use the Dropbox Application if you would like to move past recordings to the new folder.

We hope you are enjoying Pocket Recorder and finding it's new Sharing features useful!

#79 Trial Version

App Developer

Hi thank you for you interest in Pocket Recorder. Unfortunately, we do not have a version for trial purposes. Sorry!

#80 Love it!

With so many free and reasonably accessible recorders available for iOS, including the built-in Voice Reader app, I was initially skeptical of just how Pocket Reader would be worth spending money on. I gave it a shot anyway and it quickly answered that question. It's not stuffed full of editing features or special effects -- and that's its great asset! It is clean, fast and quick to get around in using VO. It's my go-to app now when I want to take down a quick note or capture a quick guitar or vocal idea without any fuss. The expanded sharing features make it a worthy competitor to many other recording apps. Great work, team

#81 Thank you so much!

App Developer

@Joe Thank you so much for your kind words! We really appreciate the feedback and are so pleased you are enjoying it!

#82 Your Welcome.

App Developer

Thanks. Keep it up Apple?

#83 Had to read the price tag twice...

This is incredibly expensive. I believe that it is a premium price because of the 'accessibility' aspect, which, without trying it, I can't imagine is that much greater than most recording apps these days. Other premium apps that include a greater feature set are only around, maximum, the £3.99 area, why is this £9.99?

I suggest a lite version so we can try it, if it's amazing, great, but I really can't lay out £9.99 for a simple voice recorder, one of which that comes with IOS for free.

Sell it to me! I'm a reasonable lad... :)

#84 $9.99? Some questions

Member of the AppleVis Blog Team

Dear Pocket Recorder developers,

First off, thanks for spending time on the development of an accessible recorder for iOS.
But may I humbly know why it costs $9.99? The problem isn't the price tag per se -- many of us have paid for apps which cost $29.99, but what does your application offer, beyond accessibility which many similar apps offer, which warrant the payment of $10?
For instance, does it support recording in MP3 with various bit rates, or uncompressed WAV? Does it support background recording? Does it support altering the playback speed? How about file trimming and bit/sample rate altering? Does it support bookmarking, and pausing/resuming playback?
If these are supported, they're not mentioned in the app description on the App Store. If not, your price tag reminds me of 2012 when such apps would cost this much.
I'm not in a position to ask you to re-consider the app's price tag, but if you want to charge that much -- which is your absolute right, you should let us know if it offers the above-mentioned features.

#85 Agree, sorry, was a bit harsh with former comment

Yes, I agree with previous poster, thank you for developing with accessibility in mind. I'd only just woken up when I wrote my prior comment. I think my view was:

1. We shouldn't pay a premium on accessibility

2. There are already many free and far cheaper recording apps with the same advertised features.

Please clarify...

For anyone interested, BossJoc, a podcast creation tool also includes well researched accessibility features as well as being a full featured podcast production tool so... Hmm.

#86 Podcast?

Firstly, like others I want to say thank you to the developer for engaging with this community and for making this app accessible.

The price tag prevents this from being a "Not much to lose" purchase. So, I was wondering if there is a podcast anywhere that demonstrates this app?

#87 Question.

Just wondering, does Pocket recorder provide the facility to pause and resume during recordings.



#88 Agree with above few comments

Hi, i strongly appritiate your hard work and efforts
To making it fully accessible, but could you reply few comments? Which are above
I also interested regarding its little bit price point
And what you are you offering and what are missing on it.
Hope you reply

#89 Promo code?

Andy. Is it still possible to request a promo code in order to try out this product? Also is it necessary to automatically upload your interviews to Dropbox? I have a lot more room on my hard drive than I do in Dropbox. I'm already using a Sony ECM CS3 stereo microphone which works well with an old-fashioned tape recorder (remember those?) I hope it will be compatible with your recorder.

#90 Loving Pocket Recorder

Hello Andy.

For a long time I have been searching for an accessible, simple to use recorder that is compatible with the iPhone, but was finding time and time again the others out there were just too cluttered and difficult to manage. Pocket Recorder is by far the best app I have come across considering I need to make important recordings frequently. It's simple to use, uncluttered (very important for me) and no technical jargon that I simply don't understand. In view of the apps I tried previous to this, to me it's also worth the price too. I use Pocket Recorder to help me with both work-related and leisure activities with no hassle, no fuss. Thank you so much for coming to my rescue with a really amazing app. Keep up the fantastic work.

#91 A promo Code If available please?

Hello: I live in a country the $ is so expensive, could you email me a promo code please:
my email is:

#92 update for iOS 12?

Will there be an update for iOS 12? their hasn't been an update in over 9 months. just curious. awesome app and accessible!