Introducing Mine Racer, an audiogame for Mac, Windows, and Linux!

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Hi all,
2MB Solutions would like to announce the release of their second audiogame (and first to run on Mac so far), Mine Racer! See the announcement below, and feel free to download the demo or purchase a copy.

Available for immediate download:
2MB proudly presents MineRacer!
Survive for as long as possible in this action packed thrilling game of skill.
Collect as many coins as you can, for every 100 you get, your points double. You can get bragging rights for 2 scoreboards.
Will you be number one for surviving the longest or for scoring the most points, or will you own the number 1 position in both?
Get your copy today from

-Michael, 2MB.


#1 What a neat game!

What a nifty game this is! I just bought it and so far, I'm enjoy the hell out of it. It's more challenging than you think, especially since pits, coins, etc are all randomly generated on a game-by-game basis. I'd love to see some bonus rounds added in at some point, and some more games for mac for sure. Good work, guys!!!! :) :)

#2 Hi

I hope it comes for ios to

#3 still have to try this

i have to try this but question is is it endless play or do more challenges get added as go up, and does it have much replay? also will it come to ios as well? what are the demo limitations? aa

#4 sounds good.

This sounds interesting. we need more games for Mac so will give this a go.

#5 Game Installation Questions

This sounds like a great game! Would I be able to choose the correct installation file for my operating system after I purchase the game? I've a Windows 10 64 bit computer. Will the game work on Windows 10?
Thank you,

#6 fun and challenging game.

While the concept of the game is very easy and the game is very easy to learn and play. It is a very challenging game and really tests your reflexes and quickness. Knowing when the write times to jump and duck is the key. Also sometimes you have to make a choice do you risk collecting the coins even though your close to a danger or do you avoid the danger to survive longer. Also do you try your luck at both. Good game and very addictive.

#7 Joanne it gives you the

Joanne it gives you the option when you buy the game which version you want to download so that should not be a problem.

#8 Please keep discussion on-topic

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A polite reminder that AppleVis is for discussion related to Apple hardware and software. If you have questions about installing or playing this game on other platforms, please take them off-site. Thank you.

#9 I may do...

I may do a podcast on this game later today, because why not? Also for 5 bucks, i just bought the full version, because .. well .. it was 5 friggin' bucks. I wasn't gonna say no to that price.

#10 What an awesome game

The subject line says it all. I tried the demo before purchasing the full version and just love it. Thank you so much for making this accessible for Mac users. Yay!

#11 collecting coins

hi all, so how do i collect the coins as i only read about up arrow to jump, down to duck do i have to turn the cart?

#12 nope

Nope. Just jump when you hear coins ahead. Make sure to jump at least 3 to 3.5 seconds in advance though.

#13 Mine Racer for iOS

App Developer

Hi all,
We have (tentative) plans to bring the game to iOS, though that will require a little more work -- rewriting controls, etc. We'll keep y'all posted though :-).

#14 game crashed after reading instructions

Hello letting you know the game crashed on my system. I was reading the instructions I pressed enter to return to the game and the game quit. I have my problem report but I have no clue if it will be sent to you guys or apple. Using mac os sierra here.

#15 Hi,

App Developer

We'll look into it. We'll let you know if we figure anything out.
-Michael, 2MB.

#16 Quick update I restarted the

Quick update I restarted the game and at least when I run races the game doesn't crash. Wow, what a fun game. By the way, Is that leader board live? I always seem to be number 1 and I don't recall putting in my name in or what not so a rank can be kept. Also are they reset once a week to give everyone a fair chance?

#17 re: crashes

App Developer

Hi all,
I believe (hopefully) that I've fixed the crashes. You can re-download the game from the same link provided when you got either the demo or the full game. If you need a reset of the links to download the game again please let me know by filling out the contact form on with your order number and name, and I'll do that.
Thanks all,
-Michael, 2MB.

#18 Found how it worked

People with struggles, use direct touch. It's working on my iPad Mini in direct touch mode with the game.

#19 Huh? The thing is not out in

Huh? The thing is not out in ios yet. Dunno how direct will work on the mac, but yeah I'm a bit confused by your statement there.

#20 Ok, I just bought the game

Ok, I just bought the game which is cool, however I downloaded it fromthe download page and I still get the did you enjoy the demo. Do I need to put somethingn in anyware? I don't remember gettin a key from an email. I downloaded it from the links in he email itself.

#21 re: demo problems

App Developer

Hi there,
I had an error in the build process. If you re-download it, it should be the right one. Sorry about the confusion. Also, if anyone needs us to reset their download links just let me know.
-Michael, 2MB.

#22 Actually I did redownload

Actually I did redownload while I was recording the podcast about 15 minutes ago.. The podcast by the way is up at and

I jsut redownloaded as I think Iwas probably recording the podcas whilest the fix was happening, Oh well, it at least shows the game beeing played. Let me know if you want me to redo it, I can.

Take care

Sorry about bugging you guys.

#23 re: demo problems again

App Developer

Hi again,
Yes, sorry about that, I had an error in the build process. I've regenerated your download links, and you should be able to re-download it and get the full version. By the way, if anyone else had the same problem, get in contact with your order info, and I'll get you sorted out :-).

#24 I can't wait to give it a try

Hi all:
It sure sounds like a fun game. I can't wait to give it a try.
I will be downloading the game tonight.
It is good to know that we have one more game for Mac.
There are very few games for the Mac system. We sure need more games.

#25 Off to get it now.

Way cool, another game for mac When I first got my mac, there weren't any games. Then Change reaction and silver dollar came out. Now There are a few more, and this one! excellent.

#26 an update to Mine Racer

App Developer

Hi all,
We'd just like to let you know that there's been a quick update to Mine Racer. you now have status keys (for example, the ability to view your current time, points, etc from within the game). You can download the files once again from your links in your account or email, or if you need them reset just contact us and we'll get it sorted out.
-Michael, 2MB.