Introducing CountBackwards, game for training your brain

App Developer

Hi,I'm a blind developer and I published my first app on App Store. This platform, helped me so much with the guide for using XCode.
It's a small game where the player has to write the 3-th number counting backwards leaving from a random given of the system. For example: if the number given of the system is 33, the player will think 31, 29, 27; so, he will write 27.
I should be happy if someone will play and tell me what he think about it. Here is the link:



#1 Game unavailable in Mexico

Would it be possible to make the game available here in Mexico? I’d really like to give your app a go, and aside record a “Ciberaprendiendo” podcast on it, to spread the word. “Ciberaprendiendo Tutoriales y Tecnología” is a weekly Spanish-speaking blindness tech pocast of which I’m the director of, hosted on, for which I’m always looking for material and/or app to record podcasts on.

#2 Not a bad game

I just tried this game and it isn't bad. however, I noticed a couple of things. It is not grammatically correct to say "3 th number". It should be "3rd number". Please do not take this as criticism. I understand English may not be your first language. Instead of having the 3 difficulty levels, would it be possible to have a single mode containing several levels where each level becomes a little more difficult? For example, level 1 could contain 10 numbers with 15 seconds as a time limit for entering each number. Level 2 could contain 15 numbers with a 13 second time limit, etc. I hope this is making sense. The only way I could complete the advanced level was by dictating the number as I wasn't fast enough to type it.

#3 CountBackwards for Mexico

App Developer

Thank you for your interest! Today I made CountBackwards available in Mexico. I hope you will find it in a few hours. It will be in english language because I don't know spanish language. I excuse for this inconvenience!
Have a nice day!

#4 For Not a bad game...

App Developer

Oh, thank you for your notice! I'll take care of it at next update.
Regarding the other thinks, I'd like to let them how they are because I imagined this game in this format. But if the others users would have the same request, I'll try to implement them.
Sincerely, thank you again!

#5 Game I’m available in South Africa

Could you please make it available?

#6 CountBackwards for South Africa

App Developer

Yes, I’ll just do it today. Maybe, you will find it tomorrow. Have a nice day!

#7 awesome game! and a few suggestions

Firstly thanks a lot for making it available here in Mexico! I’m getting it a go, to share with other blind friends of mine, and am getting ready to record a “Ciberaprendiendo” episode, unless you’d advise me to wait for further updates that might be coming soon? I’d like to suggest, though, if maybe you could implement a ticking sound while we’re thinking of the number to input, to make it more exciting? The ticking sound would only last until the edit field pops up to input the number? Lastly (and this was the poblem I was having that I couldn’t get what was the hang of the game, VoiceOver in English reads as the 3 number thus I’ve got a hearing impairment and I had to use the rotor to go word by word and character by character to realize that it wasn’t telling me Greek but the number three! Thus I needed to input the 3 or 3rd number! Thus the suggestion posted earlier about having it as 3rd would make better sense. Great game so far though. Keep up the great work!

#8 Explications for CountBackwards

App Developer

Hi, When the player press play button, the message tells him from what number he has to count backward. For example in the middle screen if the initial number is 77 you will write 68 not every number until 68. when you will hear the message with what number have to write, you have to wait a moment and the keyboard will appear by itself and after the time is finished it will disappear by itself.
I cannot introduce a sound or a voice for mark the timer because it should disturb the player.
in the advanced screen you have to use for example 3.00 as format exactly how it is written on the initial text of the textfield.
After some exercises, I am sure, you will succeed with the game.