Internet accounts asking for my password

Hi all. My Mac suddenly wants my Facebook pw. I have no idea why, so can anyone explain this? i didn't change my password, so I know it isn't that. Thanks.


Facebook Password

Yeah, that's been happening to me the past few days too. I suspect Apple pushed a security update that is causing this. I've noticed that it rejects the proper password as well. Interestingly, as I type this the alert just popped up again. Try disabling your Facebook account in System Preferences / Internet Accounts. Then re-enable it. That may reset it. I just did that and even though it was rejecting my password, after the reset it didn't.

I jsut had to readd my

I jsut had to readd my facebook account as this has ben happenign to me with all email and facebook accounts as of late over the past few months.


I appreciate the help. Yes, it's kinda annoying. ;_

Happening to me too

Glad its not only me. I agree, it is rather annoying, even went threw the process of changing my password, and that didn't work, enableing and disableing didn't work either, and adding removing didn't work either.

Is anyone using the beta?

I'm only asking, because i'm part of the beta program. I don't know if others who are not on it, are having this. knock wood, it's going fine right now since I disabled and enabled it.

Have you rebooted?

Ok, dumb question, has everyone who has had this rebooted? Not saying that it will fix anything.


Come to think, I haven't tried that. I'll give it a go and report my findings.

That did happen to me as well, but only once.

I suspect a security update might have made this box pop up for most of us, as one of the previous posters had suggested. I was asked for my fb password, but only once. I entered it, and things seemed to be fine. Let’s hope it stays that way.
Take care, everyone.