Interesting Article About AirPods and AirPods Pro Bluetooth Latency Measurements

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I just ran across this interesting post about Bluetooth latency which compares the AirPods Pro with previous generations:

The numbers clearly show that Apple has managed to improve latency with each generation of AirPods and that their performance is significantly better than typical Bluetooth headsets. This is the first time I've seen actual latency measurements, something most people ignore when reviewing these devices.

I have the Beats Solo Pro, which was not tested for that post, but I can say that my VoiceOver experience with these is much better than any other Bluetooth headset I've tried before.


Bluetooth Latency Measurements

Thanks for the share. This is a good read. I hope they continue to reduce the amount of Latency with future releases to make it a more seamless experience with VoiceOver and bluetooth.

Noticed this too

Yeah, good to see an article in the mainstream mentioning VoiceOver too.

Interestingly enough the latency for my AirPods Pro on my iPhone is far better than that with my MacBook Air 2018 which is quite noticeable. I wonder if the proprietary chip is optimised for the iPhone.

If I recall, the chip is

If I recall, the chip is optomised for the iPhones, this from a keynote presentation in I believe 2017 or so. Well, not a keynote, but what ever that thing is in september.