Importing photos to seeing ai app

Hello friends. Is it possible to import photos on the role camera on iPhone into the seeing ai app? So we can read the text on image from the camera role.. If so, how can i do that?


#1 How to

Hi, In order to import photos into Seeing AI, when in the Photos app, select a photo, find the Share button and double tap it. This will bring up the Share sheet. Now, on this list, there is the first list, which has the More button at the end, but you want to go to the second list and at the bottom of that one, there is a second More button. Double tap this button and in here, it will list all the various actions you can take. Swipe until you here "Recognize with Seeing AI, double tap to turn on, and if you like, you can drag it to the top of the list and then click the Done button. Now each time you pull up the Share sheet on a photo, in the second list, the option for Seeing AI will be there and you simply double tap it and it will bring up Seeing AI. This also will add it to the Share sheet in Twitterrific, if you have the app installed, so when viewing a photo from Twitter, you can send it to Seeing AI and do the same. HTH!

#2 Thanks

Thanks. I can read many kinds of photos on my camera role now.. Including text on the photos.

#3 reading text in facebook pics

I know that for me, saving pics from facebook to the camera roll is laborious, because finding the save button is difficult. Facebook doesn't allow sharing so that's why there isn't a button for it on the share sheet. COuld we do any sort of advocacy around this, and what would it look like?