Image describer browser extension for iOS

Is there a browser extension I can get for safari or one of the other web browsers for iOS that will let me focus on a image or picture on a website, and then send it to a service and have it described? There is a captcha I am trying to get past which requires me to pick two pictures of a hamburger or food items out of 8 or 10 pictures and there is no way I can do it. I am trying to watched some dubbed anime videos on the website This site sometimes brings up scam website tabs, but I just ignore them and switch back to the main website tab. Then when I am done I just close all tabs and clear all browser data.


Be My Eyes?

Hi Josh,

I don’t know of any service that can describe images from websites.

Could the Be My Eyes app possibly help you with this?

Good luck with those pesky captchas.


I haven't tried this, but would it be possible to take a screenshot and send that picture to someone? You could try running it through TapTapSee, but your mileage will definitely vary.

Microsoft seeing AI

Have you try sharing your screen shots with Microsoft seeing AI?