I'm stuck in six numbers.

Hi everyone. Someone submitted an app, six numbers. It's pretty neat, except I'm now stuck at level four, where it says hit the target to progress. I spent sixty coins, I didn't buy them, and it said 25x10 So when I tried that, nothing seemed to happen. Can anyone help please?


me too

I posted about the same thing a while back, and contacted the devs. They haven't gotten back with me. Sighted assistance would be helpful here.

what is on the screen?

what is on the screen? because now i'm at the level 31 and I didn't have to buy anything at all.

Here's what's on the screen

254 4 5 8 10 25 and I think that's it. Oh and there's also 250 plus the usual plus minus devided by and times I think, signs. But there's no equals sign. Hope that helps a little. I'd like to get past that, and also get the free harder pack but I don't know how to purchase that, and it's only around until midnight Sunday.

When I click start, I get the

When I click start, I get the help screen where you can buy hints. When I click the close button, nothing happens. I can swipe to where the numbers are, but when I click on one it just does the same thing.