An idea: Apple should make a Braille keyboard

I'm not sure how to get to apple accessibilty for some reason nvda doesn't like clicking on the buttons so I can email them. So I was thinking you guys might be able to do it for me?

I was thinking that apple could make a braille keyboard to go along with there onscreen braille keyboard.
I'm not sure how good the onscreen keyboard will be but for me i think that having a keyboard I can touch with buttons on it would be better.
It could be a bluetooth keyboard that connects to your device and will then alouw you to input text using the keys of the braille keyboard.

What do you guys think?


#1 an idea

Why don't you buy a Bluetooth keyboard? There is no need for braille, as they are arranged just like a QWERTY keyboard. There is no need for any brailled keyboard on the iPhone or on an Apple computer. The whole idea of an iDevice is that they utilize a touch screen method of entry. Braille would only get in the way of operation. If you want buttons, get a less expensive and less accessible phone. Otherwise, have patience, work at your own pace, and learn to use the touch screen or, as I suggest, get qa Bluetooth keyboard.

#2 Contacting Apple Accessibility

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Hello Brad,

To contact Apple Accessibility, send an e-mail to Accessibility (at) Apple (dot) com, replacing (at) with the @ symbol and (dot) with the .[period] symbol.

#3 Typical Reaction

I wish this kind of "My way or the highway" reaction surprised me, but it does not. How is saying "Learn to use a touch screen with a standard Bluetooth keyboard or buy a less accessible phone" helpful?

I think Braille is an important means for accessing an iOS device. If entering text via a Braille keyboard--or Braille onscreen keyboard like mBraille--helps someone get the most out of their iOS device, shouldn't they be able to do so?

Brad, you may be interested in the Braille Pen/Braille Pen Slim. I'm not an expert on the devices, but I know one of the models (Braille Pen Slim, I believe) is just a Braille Bluetooth keyboard. It obviously costs more than a standard QWERTY model, but it sounds similar to what you're looking for.

#4 Hi Brad!

It is a good idea! However, I don't think enough of a market for Apple to consider. For it to be profitable for them.

#5 You miss understood my point.

Let me start off by saying. 1. I can use a touch screen just fine. 2. I can use a button phone just fine. 3 What I was getting at was that it would be nice to have an extra device wich would have 6 braille like keys that you could use to write input brailleinput into the device. It would not be slower in fact it would be quicker. think about the contractions. eE.r. I.N.G. and so on and so on. Yes there's going to be a touch screen braille keyboard which is going to be awesome and you can bet I'm going to check it out as soon as I can but I was just thinking of an idea. Yes I agree that apple most probably wouldn't do it. OH this is off topif but has anyone else notice that words are squoshed together when reading posts on this site sometimes when using firefox and NVDA? It seems to work fine on IE... It's strange. That's why some of this post has spelling mistakes in it. I've seen this happen about 3 or 4 ttimes now and have no idea what it is.

#6 Cool idea!

Hi Brad, I like your idea for a bluetooth keyboard for six dot Braille entry on Mac and iOS devices. I can't see Apple creating such a thing, but another company like LogiTech could definitely do this. Or, even better, they could add the 9 extra keys for Braille input to one of their existing mainstream keyboards. So maybe most people wouldn't use that feature, I can think of lots of products with extra features that very few people use. The point is, it could be done and affordably too.

#7 I agree with these points

I admit, I was very down on MBraille and the various other braille input apps because they aren't really a part of the OS. I'll certainly be trying out the braille support with direct touch on IOS 8, will be good for long texting sessions.

Seriously, the braille pens are alright, I have the display version but the keyboard only input version can be got from sight and sound in the UK as I think you are from here

#8 Be careful

Remember the MDA

#9 I'm not testing IOS 8

I am fine, i'm not testing IOS 8. Thanks for the concern though.

#10 Thanks for the great idea!

No need for Braille? There is if you can't see the qwerty keyboard. Even though my husband can touch type, it's still tricky to use a physical qwerty keyboard. And painfully slow to use the touch keypad on the iPhone. Thanks for letting us know about the Braillepen. We will check that out!

"Braille would only get in the way..." I'm not even sure what that means.

#11 Focus 14

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Just get or have your voc rehab agency get you a focus 14.

#12 BraillePenSlim

Hi. I have the BraillePenSlim and I think it's exactly what you want. It's about the same size as an iPhone 4s in an otterbox defender so it's small and good for packing around. It has the 6 dot keys for typing and a shift, space bar and ctrl key on the bottom. The dot keys are round and the other 3 are rectangle

#13 Braille Keyboard

I think one of the primary reasons Apple hasn't made their own is because, even though they do tailor their products to everyone, including the blind, they might not have the dedicated people or departments to do so. And there are already so many options for Braille keyboards out there... But that's just my guess.
And, to comment to the user that said to either learn the touch-screen keyboard or get a less-expensive phone, I very much disagree. I am a user that is comfortable with the screen, but I also love the ability to hook up my Braille Sense via Bluetooth and type on its Braille keyboard. To each his own, though, I suppose.

#14 I've tried the BraillePen

I tried the Braillepen and iddn't like it one bit.
I didn't like the way it felt. SO i got it sent back and got my money back.