iCloud back up fails after upgrade to iOS 9

Since upgrading to iOS 9 on my iPhone and iPad Mini, I have experienced two different problems. Can anyone confirm either if the following:

1. After upgrading using iTunes on my iPhone, iCloud no longer performs automatic back ups, and a manual back up results in an error message "The last iCloud back up could not be completed".

2. After performing an over the air update on my iPad mini, the back up of the device size is 0kb for my iPad under the manage storage option in iCloud settings. Just prior to the update, it was 1GB. Furthermore, the next back up size is listed as 0KB. When I try to perform a manual back up, I receive an error that not enough storage is available. Basically, the 1GB iPad back up prior to the update is still being recognized by iCloud despite the fact that I cannot see it, or delete it.

So, what have I done thus far. Well, I have signed in and out of iCloud, turned back up on and off, performed a hard reboot, and am in the process of reset/restore from iTunes back up. If this does not work, then I'm considering downgrading to iOS 8.41 before apple stops signing it. I have found several forum topics on this issue on other sites and they only suggest the steps that I have already taken. Has anyone else ran into this problem, and if so, have you found any solutions?

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yes, there are problems. but i don't see why you should downgrade based on this alone. it's a small problem, and i dare say they'll sort things out in time. just bare in mind, their servers are taking one hell of a pounding right now. give them time to sort things out.
if, however, you have other reasons to downgrade, then perhaps you should. but this backup thing is hardly a major problem.

This happened to me too

This happened to me too, except I updated my iPad mini 2 through over the air.
I tried backing up in iCloud.
The first time an error message popped up saying that the last backup couldn't be completed.
What I did to resolve this issue was to start another manual backup in iCloud and lock my screen.
Hope this helps and good luck.

Quick update

Maria, thanks for the tip. I actually restored my phone and restored to a new backup and that resolve the first issue. The second issue I still have not found a resolution. The only thing I can think to do is to downgrade the iPad, delete the old backup from iCloud, upgrade the iPad, and just start a fresh new iCloud backup. Dallas, I thought it may have been a server issue as well. But time seems to have not resolved the issue.

Still a (big) issue

More than a month after the last post to this thread, this is still very much an issue for some of us. (Sorry Dallas, sometimes it IS a major problem, like when you're needing to port all your data to a new iPhone.) I'm giving up on waiting for Apple to fix it. But most of the suggestions for fixing it (restore your device, reset your network settings, etc.) would be too costly for me in terms of what I'd lose. I'm really at a loss. Thinking of going to Apple store.

I think...

I think Apple fixed this bug in iOS 9.0.1. Not sure.

Yes, it's still an issue

I'm currently running iOS 9.1 and having the same problem.

Id o hope they fix this.

It' important to be able to back up my phone.


@liz have you tried doing a manual backup in iCloud? I haven't had any problems with my backup since i upgraded to iOS 9.

I do a manual backup..

Every time I hear about a new iOS version being released, I do a manual backup in iCloud and I've never had a single issue, at least not yet! *crosses fingers* lol.

I had the issue once before

I had the issue once before an ios updagte but I just kept trying. I never rely on the 24 hour back up jnust in case I change something. I back up manually every night before I go to bed.

I've always done manual iCloud backups

Hi! Ever since I started doing iCloud backups from my iPhone, I've rarely relied on the autmatic ones: As far as I can tell, they usually happen pretty regularly, but not necessarily every time I plug my iPhone into the electricity. Most days I check for updates on my iPhone then do a manual iCloud backup if any update has taken place. I also do a manual backup if I've made any change to my apps like deleting one or more or moving them around, or when i've changed something in my settings. I sometimes find that even manual backups don't always work the first time since I started using IOS 9, but this bug is less common for me in IOS 9.1 than in IOS 9.0, and a second manual backup immediately afterwards usually works as it should.

Unfortunately, I'm also

Unfortunately, I'm also experiencing the same issue on my iPhone. I contacted Apple because of a problem with my account, which is in part due to the backup failure. The agent I spoke to told me that it's server-specific and that others were encountering the same situation. These posts definitely echo what he said, but I'm not sure, either. Given that it's affecting a number of users, though, I'm a bit more certain of the possibility of server difficulties.

Hmm. No issues here. But I

Hmm. No issues here. But I wonder ifc what Im running are on a diffeent set of servers as I have not experienced this for about 2 months now.