I’m trying to develop a game about single parenting where you get to raise A child from newborn to age 18. Is anyone interested

Anyone who is interested, I just need an app where I can create a choose your own adventure game, because it will be in the style of an interactive fiction game, but so much deeper. Eventually there will be different modes like having a physically disabled child or a mentally disabled child or twins or triplets. I’m planning on making a series and I have to do it from my phone because I cannot afford a computer. The game will be absolutely free to play because I’m not doing this for money. I’m doing this to make people like myself happy because this was the kind of game I wanted but never had.


definitely inerested

I'd definitely be interested in such a game, especially if it goes up to age 18.

Then I need your help.

Please help me find an app where I can make this game. I have tried Dapp lite and I can create buttons but I can’t make them do anything so I need a better platform.

Building the app

I'm sorry I have to break the bad news, but you'll need a computer to make an app for the App Store. Apple requires app developers to use a program called Xcode (only available for Mac) to compile their apps, and another service called iTunes Connect (only available for Mac) to submit their app to the App Store.

However, if you are satisfied with making a web app, you can do this all on your iPhone. There are lots of free and low-cost methods for learning web development.

Choice of Games

Choice of Games is your best bet, but you will likely need a computer. You could begin to do the writing before getting the computer, however.


Hi. I've always wanted to play a game like this. Right now, the only game where you can raise a virtual baby, apart from the baby adopter games, is my baby sim, and that only lets you rasie the baby up to four months or seven months, depending on what version of the game you have, and you can't start from a newborn with that game either. Having said that, I'm interested in this game. Bring it on!

Is there an app.

Is there an app where people can make choose your own adventure games and share them with each other? I remember hearing about something like this and that sounds exactly like what I’m looking for.

I know the feeling

I cannot afford a computer either and I am going to ask my guardian soon if I can get one because I really need one.
I used to write stuff in Inform. 7 but now as I have no computer I cannot. There should be an app that supports z5.


I hope you all manage to get computers. A $250 one would probably do it for you.

An Offer

App Developer

If someone or a group of you want to design the game
I will code it and publish it.

Good luck.

Yay John

That is awesome. I would be a beta tester. And could probably help with ideas. This was really awesome. And Riley who had the beautiful idea. I love those kinds of games.

more than willing to help with testing

Hi, I'm more than willing to test this game once it enters bayda testing. I don't know a thing about coding apps, but I could also help out with ideas for the game.

First steps in group development

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I would suggest that all of you especially @iamriley create a group somewhere to
post ideas and designs for the game.

This is @iamrileys idea so i would suggest they take the lead ans set up this on a platform that all are happy with. It is up to you what you want from the app.

If i am still wanted to code the app then send me a invite to the groups where the discussion is going to take place.

Good luck

Are we still going to try to

Are we still going to try to design the app? I noticed there haven't been any replies to the topic since July, so I wasn't sure.

Development of game.

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If you want to design the game then please go ahead and post a framework of what the game should
and should not do.

I am currently working on a few projects and do not have the time to design the game but
if wanted will code any game that has been designed by others.

Maybe another dev on this group could take this project on I am not precious about it and will only code it if wanted.

Hope this helps.

beta testing this game

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Just came across this topic now. I'll be happy to beta test this game. I currently beta test Android, iOS, Windows 10 and macOS. my testing of the mac is what I like most, but iOS and the others are fun too. I assume I'd be beta testing through Test Flight?


App Developer

If a group or someone wants to design the feature list and general scope of the game
Then i am sure someone will take it up.