I baffled the accessibility techs

Hello AppleVis. I updated my ipad mini 4 to ios 10 a few weeks ago the day after it came out. Well, the update weot smoothly without any issues which I was thankful for. However, I've noticed a few very baffling & weird issues/bugs & was wondering if anyone else was having these same problems or not.

1. When in Safaari, I'd spin the rotor to use the option to navigate by links. It used to go link by link when I'd flick down. Now, it gives me the following options: open on other side or activate. I have a bit of a work-around when i use the google search app. But there will be times when I have to use Safaari. The crazy thing is that if @ swipe from side to side, it navigates by links just fine. I contacted accessibility techs & they were baffled.! I was advised to set the vertical navigation option on my rotor but to no avail.

2. Moving apps doesn't work! I tried to use the knew way to move apps & it wouldn't move the app! I did it multiple times with no success. However, it's more than happy to delete my apps. I even tried the old way but had no luck. I told the accessibility techs during our conversation & they were just as baffled as before. Just when yeu think you have seen & heard it all before...

Has anyone else had these issues? The tech said I was doing every thing right. And if so, how were you able to fix them (if possible) or work-around them? Are they bugs like I thought or are they features? I like ios 10 a lot, but these bugs are kind of making that hard to do. Thanks.!



You may have baffled the accessibility technicians, though you may not necessarily have baffled me.

Below are four suggestions for how these issues may be resolved. Please follow these in the order that I list them unless you have done any of them already. The suggestions go from least drastic to most drastic, and that is why you should try the easier suggestions first.

1. Because you are having an issue with Safari, clear the History and the cookies. Turn on Private Browsing and experiment to see if that fixes the problems. If not, then feel free to turn off Private Browsing if you like.

2. Before or just after the iOS 10 upgrade, did you install any new apps? Not any popular apps--they would have to be fairly unpopular and uncommon apps to lead you to experience these sorts of problems. The problem apps may have escaped Apple's App Review. If you do find that you had installed apps that could be causing the problem, remove them and report this to Apple.

3. Here is where things start to get a little more involved. Back up your iPad to iTunes (if not, back it up to iCloud though I feel iTunes will be more beneficial in this case). Then, reset the iPad completely. When setting it up again, restore it from that backup. Performing this step may be useful as it could be that there was a slight issue in the way that system files were migrated in the iOS 10 upgrade.

4. If step 3 didn't work, you will really be in the minority of cases. Reset the iPad and set it up as new. Do not use any backup. Then, install each app one by one. Before installing the next app, wait a couple of hours and use your iPad to try to discover if a certain app is causing the problems.

If these solutions don't work, please post here and I may be able to help further.

No installations

I had no app installations for the first few days after the upgrade. I've shut it down & rebooted it a few times too. And I never had problems with 9. I updated to 9.3.4 & 9.3.5 & had no issues. I went to my settings general sofware update & downloaded it & installed it. I sometimes wait for the `alert software update` message to pop up & then upgrade but this time for some odd reason I didn't. The techs told me that they'd repor it to the people that deal with that kind of thing but I do not know if anything ever came of it.

That's good

That's quite good as possibility #2 is definitely out of the running. Please try steps 1, 3 and 4 so that I may be able to assist you further if necessary. It is sad for me to think that something went wrong and that the accessibility technicians do not know how to fix it, yet you are experiencing some very nasty bugs, so I shall do what I can to remedy the situation for you.

Roll back?

Is there a way to roll back to 9.3.5? I thought I seen something but I'm not sure online. If so, what's the risk & how do I go about setting up the process & doing it? And once that's done, would it be wise for me to re-install?

You need to restore

You need to restore your iPad using iTunes to downgrade back to iOS 9.3.5. I am not sure about when Apple will stop signing iOS 9.3.5, so if you want to downgrade, now would be the time. Make sure you have an iTunes backup (not an iOS 10 backup). You can restore from a previous backup that was created in iOS 9. There is no risk in downgrading, but you will lose all of the iOS 10 features.

More info


Can you provide the steps you performed to move the app?

For me, this is what I do and it always work.
Single finger double tap and hold the app you want to move. When you hear moving app name, lift your finger. Single finger swipe up and tap on move app named. Swipe left or right until you get to where you want to move it to. Then single finger swipe up and select move app named.

As far as the rotor and navigating to links, I swipe left to go to previous and right to go to next. The up and down swipe doesn’t do anything.

HTH and good luck.

Nope, all works here, you

Nope, all works here, you might have to do a reset of the ipad as there might be some crap in there that was not suposed to be there. You will also free up some space.

Good luck.

I did exactly as you described David

I did exactly as you described David & nothing worked! I cleared my cookies & data from Safari & that seems to have remeded that problem for now at least. But the app movement is having issues still. I don't know what the heck happened during the update.



If you’re doing it as described then something is definitely amiss with the OS. Something you can try before attempting another factory restore is reset all settings. Be aware this will not remove your apps but your preferences and passwords will be reset. Go to settings> General> Reset> then select reset all settings. Once it has reset, do it again a second time. From what I’ve read hear and elsewhere, the first reset settings doesn’t always reset everything.

HTH and good luck.


Hello! I have a question about passwords. I'm thinking of doing the reset that has been suggested. The only problem/question I have is that I have passwords for some apps, my gmail account, several wi-fi access points including my home & the passcode to gain entry to my ipad when it reboots. How would I go about retrieving those passwords so that when I go back after the reset of my settings, I can input those passwords again? Also, would i have to re-do my toch id again? I'd lieke/need to fix it but I'm just trying to save myself a headache later or possibly make it less severe. Thanks!

O the apps that have my fasswords in them is this will help are Facebook, Messenger, Pandora, Kindle, RadioTunes, Iheart Radio. I've also got three or four wi-fi networks set up. How would I go about retrieving those passwords & writing them down so that all I have to do, is just re-enter them? Thanks!

How big a problem, really?

I appreciate that the inability to move Apps is a bug that you're experiencing, but just how much trouble is it really causing you?
You seem to be spending a lot of time and energy fixing a problem that seems minor to me. I understand that just because it is minor to me that it may well be an important feature for you, I just suggest that you consider the effort/reward equation in relation to this bug.
Who knows, you could do nothing for now and find the next minor software update solves your problem.



Minimizing another user's concerns

I generally refrain from replies such as this, but I felt like chiming in on behalf of the original poster. This web forum is devoted specifically to discussing all kinds of iOS accessibility topics, including bugs large and small. As such, I don't feel it is constructive nor helpful for one user to tell another user that his or her challenge isn't worthy of exploration. I came across one such comment above and felt it was rather inappropriate. Just my two cents. I can vouch for the frustration associated with moving apps around the old way, so when I finally make the plunge into iOS 10 eventually, I, too, will be looking forward to moving apps around with greater ease. I don't consider it a minor thing myself

It's not so bad... just lots of work.


Yeah, the downside about doing a reset is losing all your settings, passwords and such. It’s a PITA, I know since I have done this quite a few times previously. You can try backing up your info to iCloud but the downside to this is after the restore, all things may be working fine so you restore from iCloud. Not only will it restore your info but it may also restore the problem you were trying to fix.

In this case, there is no bug as far as moving the apps, the problem is with your installed OS. So in the end, you know all the work you put into it will pay off.

HTH and good luck.

Specifically not minimising another Users concerns.

Joe, if it was to my post you were referring, I encourage you to read it again, collect your two cents and then post a retraction.

I was implicitly showing empathy for Dawn's ongoing problem arranging Apps countered against an articulated concern about Passwords, System resets, rollbacks etc.

Joe, I even said that ..just because it is not a problem for me, doesn't mean that it is not a legitimate problem for Her. How is that minimising the complaint.

Have you heard the expression ?Sometimes the cure is worse than the affliction"? I was merely suggesting that if Dawn had concerns about some of the suggested remedies for this problem, that She consider how much time and worry that it is actually costing Her. And then way that against the potential downsides of taking the suggested action. If you have concerns about Passwords for your Social Media Accounts, is it worth the risk of losing access so you can better arrange Apps? Only Dawn can answer that for herself, I only posed the question.

I would like to finish direct to Dawn, if you felt that I minimised your problem, rather than offer you a polite alternate perspective on the problem, then I apologise.

you didn't

You didn't make me feel that way! It's just my 1st experience with ios & voiceover & ipads & all of that. I had to make a rather crazy self-transition from braille after my device jhat i use/depend on was taken from me without timely notice from my school district. Every bit of training i've had with vo. & ios has been self-training. I had someone who gave me a crash course & gave me the number to the accessibility techs & someone else recommended Applevis to me which I am greatful for. Im not knocking the techs at accessibility either. I think they are good people & when i called them to ask questions about some hang-ups I was dealing with, they helped me & gave me more resources! Up til this point, I had used braille. Plus, it's not as easy for me to get to the Apple store because of where i live, so I try & figure out what I can & then call techs & do searching & see if Applevis has an answer. I was just asking because I've never had to do anything like this before so it's knew & every app is different. That did put the question into my head though. Hopefully Apple rill push an ufdate jhat will somehow famgically fix it or maybe someone at the store can do something to it & make it behave. I was just trying to avoid going that route unless I had to.