Hypster Senses problem

Hello All,
I downloaded the Hypster Senses app the other week when it appeared on the app's list on this web site and noted the problems described by the poster. I too am having the same annoyances with the need to login every time you use the app. Other than that, this is a really good music app but I will not use it any more simply due to the login problem
However, I tried to find an e-mail on the developers support web site with no joy. Therefore, as a community how do we contact an app developer who does not display their contact details? I'd really like to tell them how difficult this app is to use but am getting very frustrated by the fact that they don't appear to want to be contacted. Can anyone suggest a solution?


#1 App Store

Have you considered posting a comment and rating in the App Store?

#2 Thank you, I'll give that a go

I had not thought about that one. I'll give it a try.