HTML Editer

Hello AppleVis community,
Does anyone have any suggestions on a free VoiceOver Friendly HTML editor??
I am wanting to work on learning HTML, and I can not get Textedit to allow me to save things as either .TXT, or .HTML. not too sure if I need to adjust something or not.
I know some basics in HTML, but I do need something worth practicing on to make sure i know my coding is correct before sending it off to the world wide web.


#1 Text Wrangler

You can try Text Wrangler. It is the free version of BB Edit. It should let you do what you are wanting.

Greg Wocher

#2 May you comment the link to download it?

Thanks, may you comment the link so I can download it?

#3 TextEdit works just fine

Hi there, I recently completed coding an entire website using HTML and CSS using TextEdit. You need to make sure you are typing everything in plain text mode, not in a rich text format. When you start your file, make sure you set it to plain text mode, then when you save your file, just append the dot HTML to the text file name. You also absolutely need to make sure that you turn off smart quotes within the text edit preferences. Smart quotes will absolutely kill your code.

There are other options within the preferences that helps TextEdit understand what type of file you are working with when you open HTML or CSS or JavaScript documents. Ultimately, plain text and turning off smart quotes will allow you to do what you want with HTML and other code. I also highly recommend forklift as an FTP client to upload your files to a server.

#5 TextWrangler/BBEdit not accessible

I've downloaded TextWrangler and BBEdit, and both of the latest versions do not function at all with VoiceOver in OS 10.11.6. TextMate seems to be working quite well as an accessible text editor, so that works as another option alongside TextEdit.

#6 My apologies

I did not realize Text Wrangler had become inaccessible. I had not opened it in a while. However when I did, it did not work. Where can one find Text Mate? I looked it up online and the one I found was $50. Is there a free one?

Greg Wocher