How to use ScripTalk app

Hello all,
I recently started using the ScripTalk service to get the labels that you can with an iOS app so you can see what the medicine is. They also send you a machine that will also read the labels. However I cannot figure out how to tget the app to scan the labels. How does one do this?

Greg Wocher


Have you looked at EnvisionAmerica's site

I'm going to guess that this is from EnvisionAmerica's website? Might their be a user manual for this? I could be completely wrong if I am way off the mark. I know the script talk service you speak of as I have a machine.

ScripTalk Mobile App

Hi Greg,

Amanda Tolson with En-Vision America here! We do not currently have an IOS app for the ScripTalk. We are working on it, but it has only became available since IOS 11. Since it does require RFID technology only IPhone 7 and up will be able to take advantage of the new App when it launches. We do currently have a ScripTalk App available with Android on the google play store. The reason was because Android implemented NFC (which is RFID) long before Apple. Please give us a call if you have more questions! 800.890.1180


Hmm. Then what is the ScriptView app for?
Greg Wocher


Hi Greg,

ScripView is an App for our Large Print Labels. A QR code is printed on the back of all ScripView labels, and the App allows you to scan the QR code and receive an audible version of the label. I pulled up your account in our system and your Pharmacy only provides ScripTalk.



I know personally the ScripTalk app has already been quite helpful to me. Thank you.