How do you use split screen on the iPad running ios 12?

Hey there. I just got an iPad and updated to ios 12. I want to use split screen but can't figure out how. Can someone help me out here? Thanks a lot.


I think I can help

You need to bring up the dock from one app. Then you need to have the other app in the dock, preferably in the suggested app section to the far right of the dock. To get the dock you flick up with two fingers, fast. Then you make sure the rotor is on action and then just choose wich app should be to the left or right. If that doesn't show and it shows open slide over app, this means you cannot use the app in split VIEW and if you cannot find any of them this means that you cannot use it in slideover either.

not working

for some reason that isn't working out.


What is it that does not work? Can you provide more details?

not working

it looks like swiping up with two fingers near the bottom of the screen isn't working to get to the dock and when I get something in the suggestions there is no actions rotor.


is there another way to get to the dock to pull up the suggested apps?

2-finger swipe up no longer works

The 2-finger swipe up for the doc no longer works in ios 12. It is now a one finger swipe up and down again without lifting your finger. It is explained in the “new gestures in ios 12” article on this site which I have just looked up because I was having the same problem. It definitely works, but you might want to check that article because my description isn’t all that good.


what is the link for the article


Thank you guys very much. I found the article and now it is working great. Have a great evening.