How do you turn on/off VoiceOver using any of the iPhones in the 10 range?

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How do you turn off/onn VoiceOver using any of the iPhones in the 10 range? Also? How do you reboot these phones? On the older iPhones 6S and below, One needs to hold in both the on/off button plus the Home button for 10 seconds.


#1 I only know how to turn on

I only know how to turn on and off VoiceOver on the X range of iPhones, but there is a work around you could use to completely shut off and restart the phone through the Settings app. In order to turn on and off VO without messing with settings, you need to make sure the accessibility shortcut is set to VoiceOver. (The accessibility shortcut on the X range of iPhones is a side button triple click instead of a home button triple click.) in terms of restarting the phone, I’m not sure how to do it using hardware buttons as I have an iPhone 8, but you could go into the Settings app, select “Shut down” in teh General section, double-tap when prompted, wait for the phone to fully power off, and hold the side button until the phone starts its boot sequence.

#2 Turning off and on

Voiceover, ask siri, press power button 3 times quickly.
Turning iPhone, power and volume button hold both and slide to the left until you hear turn off.

#3 These are the actions for restarting the phone.

Voiceover can be activated by pressing down the side button and asking Siri to turn it on. I will post the instructions for how to restart an iPhone X from Apple insider here.
, w forcibly restarting the phone when it becomes unresponsive. To do so on the iPhone X, there are three steps.

Press and release the Volume Up button.
Press and release the Volume Down button.
Press and hold the Side button. Continue to hold this button down until the Apple logo appears on screen.

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