How to bulk delete emails on iOS?

I just created an email account on my iPod Touch and now, I have over 1,000 email messages. I have read these on my computer already. How do I delete them without opening up each one?


email on ios

dear marty what account was it that you set up on your iPod touch? and what ipod touch is it and what ios version are you running?

delete all

Hi Marty.
There's an edit button and then once you're in that mode, there's a move button. Double tap that and move them all to the trash. Then go to your trash, tap edit & then go to the bottom left of the screen. There's a delete all button which you can double tap, then when the alert comes up, just tap it again. If it's in your junk mail, just tap the edit button, & tap the delete all button & then tap it again, just like you'd do with the trash. Hope this helps.

there is no way

Dawn's suggestion will not do what you're looking to do because you have to move the eMails one by one. As far as I know, all of them cannot be selected at once, then moved to the trash folder and then be deleted. If someone knows how, I'd sure like more info on this, as I'm sure that others would like to know. Thanks.

there is no way

Dawn's suggestion will not do what you're looking to do because you have to move the eMails one by one. As far as I know, all of them cannot be selected at once, then moved to the trash folder and then be deleted. If someone knows how, I'd sure like more info on this, as I'm sure that others would like to know. Thanks.

Bulk deleting emails

I did try your suggestion Dawn, but the Move button remains dimmed. I tried marking all messages READ and Flagged, but the MOVE button still remains dimmed. There are over 1,000 messages here. There has to be a way.

To delete them

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You'll need to select all the messages you want gone and then hit the delete button on the bottom right corner of the screen. It might say trash.


In the mail app tap the edit button and tap on the trash all button.Go back to the trash mailbox and tap the edit button,
Then, tap delete all button.
Let me know if you need any further assistance.

Deleting bulk emails

After I tap the Edit button, all that I get is a Mark All button. The Move and Trash buttons remain dimmed.

Re: Deleting bulk email on iPhone

Deleting bulk email, sadly, will always be a fantacy and a dream, until Apple decides to add that trash all button back, unfortunately. That has been a dream/wish of many, sighted alike, for years. On some IOS 9 devices, including my iPod Touch 5th generation, the trash all button exists. However, according to someone on the Apple support forums who talked to Apple, adding that was accidental, so it was removed after IOS 9.

there is kind of a way

Hi, there is a sort of way to do this. I'll try and explain it below.

first off make sure you are certain that you want to delete all emails. Maybe move important ones you want to keep somewhere else. Better safe than sorry.

1.. tap edit in your inbox or where ever you have your mail stored.
2. Once in edit mode, double tap a message to select it.
3. here is where it gets slightly complicated.
You have to now turn off voiceover, find the selected message, hold on it with one finger and while doing so tap on the move button at the bottom of the screen. Finally, release both fingers together at the same time and not separately.
4. Now turn voiceover on again and hopefully, you should here do you want to move X amount of messages to the trash.

I can ashore you that this does work because I searched high and low for such a feature myself. I finally found it on a Mac rumors forum post a while back.

Just google "how to delete all emails in iOS mail." and you should find an article on the web outlining this method. Do note though, that they won't be telling you how to do it with Voiceover.

I have recently been clearing up multiple emails from the Viphone and Mac Visionaries lists through this method and while it doesn't get rid of them all, it clears about roughly 50 to 250 messages at a time which is certainly better than one by one.

I too wish Apple would really bring this clearly needed feature back for IOS.

If you find it hard to grasp this concept, at first (don't worry I certainly did.) Then post back here and I'll try and do my best to explain further. Basically though, what you want to do can be done once you understand the gesture after having turned voiceover off. .

Good luck and let us all know how it goes.



Here is the super common way.

Please note that before you do this, you will have to be certain that there is nothing you wish to keep. Now, just delete the mail app from your iPhone and reinstall it from the App Store. There, you're done. I guess even re-installing an app is better than deleting thousands of mail one by one.

The easiest way

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As I said above, when the mail app is opened, go into "all mailboxes", then tap "edit." You'll then have to select each message by swiping to it and double tapping. Once all the messages you want to move to the trash are selected, just double tap the trash button at the bottom right of your screen. Remember, you can also go into settings and set how long you want messages in the trash kept for. After that, they're gone. POOF!!! Forget the move button. It's not necessary unless you are moving them to another mailbox.

Deleting bulk emails from IOS

OK, I delete the mail ap from my iPod Touch, reinstall Mail from the Ap Store and set up my email account all over again and Bingo! all of the emails that I just deleted are back again. I know that I could go to the mail web site and delete them from my in box there, but that is my backup. I don't use web mail because of the inconvenience. I guess that I will be deleting messages one by one to kill time when I am board. IOS, please bring back the Trash All button!

Anotehr thing to try

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Another option is in mail settings I think you can tell it to delete messages from server after you delete them from your phone. I can't remember the exact wording right now, but that might be something for you to look at. I'm at work so can't check it out.

Follow this link

Quoted from the source: It's a glitch and it works!
Open the mailbox you decided to delete, press Edit at the top right corner, select one random email, then press and hold "Move" and while you hold it, unselect the email previously selected. When you release the "Move" button, then you can choose to move all mail to trash or another folder. Voilá!

Goodness, Daniel's method really does work.

Here is how I apply his method. First I open my mailbox and go to inbox. Next I double tap on edit. Now I swipe to the first message and select it by double tapping. Next I feel around for the move button. Once I have found it and are sure where it is, I turn off voice-over. Next I place and hold my finger where the move button is suppose to be. While I'm holding my finger there, I make a single tap on any of the other messages. Finally, I let go of everything and turn voice-over back on. It will now say something like move these messages to another mailbox. Just move them to trash and it should be easier from there on out.

i want to be able to see what I'm doing

All of these suggestions involve turning Voice-Over off. Is there a way to do this actually using the Voice-Over we need in order to see exactly what we're doing with no error potential?

I don't think so.

From what I have read according to the link that Daniel posted, this is a glitch and is not even suppose to be available for the sighted. Obviously, someone have been trying weird stuff without voice-over.