HeyTell voice messenger

Hello everyone,
this is my first official post in the applevis forum, and I just came to ask you all has anyone used HeyTell? I do, and it's grate! I use it then any other voice messaging apps out their. do anyone elce use the app, plese post your experiences in this discussion. thanks!


I quit using because of the

I quit using because of the 30 second limit. I actually quit using all ptt apps as for me there really was no point. I feel ore comfortable with audio boo amd melt and all of that fun stuff.

When I did use hey tell though the devs were wonderful and the voice quality was pretty good.

Short Message time limit

The short time limit is the only problem I have with it. A few of my friends and myself use it for a group we created and it's awesome for that.

I do use it on daily basis.

I do use it on daily basis. The 30 second limit is not bad for me since you can send 3 messages in row and well, talking too much prevents others talking. Works just fine, although I can think of very many ways to improve the app. Me and my friends have found it the best of the worst actually, häving tested both voxer and whatsapp. Still, its very good app.

used to use it, but...

Well, used to use it all the time. But didn't have too many friends who actually wanted to bother with it. Truthfully, it became more practical to just text or call. And with IOS 8 coming out and providing a way to send audio texts, don't really see a future for it.

Believe me, I loved this app when I first heard of it. But the novelty pretty much wore out

use to use the app

I use to use hey tell but again like others have said on here the time limit was two short.

HeyTell no more, switched over too...

HeyTell for me is no more, I switched over too Cord since it's faster and easyer to use. also, if you think restoring groups is possible, well, no. if you restore from a clean device, you will need to re-create new groups which is a pain. plus I have enough voice communication apps.