help with playing guitar through garage band

Hi, I am trying to play my guitar, and have it play through garage band on my MacBook pro. I have the guitar hooked up to a focusrite i2i2 audio interface through a quarter-inch to quarter-inch cable then running to my computer through the printer cable that comes with it. This cable runs in to a usb-thunderbolt cable to my computer. The audio interface is working according to the visual assistance I received. Garage band does recognize the interface. However nothing will be recorded. I tried calling apple but they couldn't help. Does anyone have any suggestions.


#1 It sounds to me like you're

It sounds to me like you're going from a USB device into a Thunderbolt port, which isn't going to work. The Focusrite i2i2 is a USB interface, which means you need to plug it into a USB port with the proper cable. Once you do that, everything should run pretty smoothly.

Here's a guide we wrote up addressing this process and a bunch of other guitar/GarageBand-related issues:

Let me know if I'm misunderstanding the question. Hope this helps!