help with pdf documents on mac

hi all
Is there an accessible, free app that can convert pdf documents to word without the images? Thanks for any help


#1 yo!

Free? not sure if there's an app that'll do this. There are a few apps that I can clearly recommend for OCR:
Prismo, it's a good app for what you want but it's like $3 or something, can't remember the exact price.
DocuScan plus. This app is great for scanning PDF files and giving you OCR, but it's $200 if you are not part of serotek's SamNet network. Another good one is ABBY Finereader OCR pro. IT's expensive, but it's a great solution for giving you great OCR in a very short time. Plus it's OCR is done live on the machine and not cloud based like DocuScan plus is.