Help needed with scene 19 of A Blind Legend

App Developer

Hi. Does anyone know how to get past scene 19 in a blind legend? I'm stuck at the part when they are at sea running from the soldiers. I get to the part when I untie the rope with my sword, but when when I try to get in the boat, the soldiers kill me. Does anyone else have trouble with this level? Maybe I need to move faster?


Try this

When Louise is talking to you, turn so she is slightly to your right. When the horn blows and you start running for the boat, your path should be fairly straight. The trick is to get there fast. Draw your sword and cut the rope as fast as you can.

Um... isn't that

Um... isn't that Scene 20? Because Scene 19 is where all these weird demon thingies attack you. Scene 20 is where you run for the boat.