Help needed with Blindfold Spin and Solve

I can't figure out how to "solve the puzzle" in Blindfold Spin and Solve. I put a space, then type my solution, as it seems to say in the User Guide. Then nothing happens.
Am I doing something wrong, or did the developer fail to test the solution part of the game?
Quite frustrating!


#1 Enter

Just Hit Enteronce you've typed in the answer. The game will tell you if you're right or wrong.

#2 wondering this as well

I'm also wondering this as I have the same issue, My theory is that maybe it's not doing anything because the answer is wrong, but even if the answer is wrong it should at least do something.

#3 Can't say that I have had this problem

I have had no problems. Remember that if the solution is more than one word long, you must enter a space between each word. For example, if the solution were "have a nice day", you would type [space] have [space] a [space] nice [space] day [return].

#4 Help with Blindfold Spin and Solve

This is what I've done:
Instead of entering a letter, space, word1, space, word2, enter.
All it says is New Line.
I can't go anywhere from there, and the game doesn't respond in any way.
I was running the game on my iPod Touch 5th gen, with the latest iOS.
What is the other person having the same problem using? What are the people not having a problem using? I'm wondering if I can only play this game on my iPhone 5S?

#5 Spinand solve

Just double tap return.
So you know the answer and you spin, hit space, either type in or dictate, then hit return and it should let you know what is up.

#6 Spin and Solve - done that

Yes, I've done that, and it just sits there. Clearly, it works for you, but not for me. Too bad for me, since I was enjoying the game, but not if I can never get to the end.

#7 Works on iPhone

I tried Spin and Solve on my iPhone 5S, and it worked as it should. Must be something to do with my iPod Touch that it doesn't like. But at least I can play the game.

#8 This is by far my favourite

This is by far my favourite BF game.
Hope this will work for you. :)

#9 Do this

Go to settings, then find the send us an email feature and report the bug.

#10 My favorite as well!

I also love road trip and it will be fun to play with friends. It would be fun to play spin and solve against friends as well.