help me search good scientific calculator

Hi Everybody, I'm Minh From Vietnam. I work at Happy Sun Center for the blind as a IT teacher. I search some ios calculator apps that can help secondary and heigh school blind students deal with, square, root, sin, cos, ln, equation, quadratic, system of equations.... It's like a a scientific calculator such as fx-500 or ms570. I hope you could tell me your experiences. All your helps are appreciated Good luck


Talking Scientific Calculator

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Hello, Have you tried Talking Scientific Calculator? More information is available in its iOS App Directory entry:

Hi, I've already read about

Hi, I've already read about talking scientific calculator, but I didn't find information about equation, quadratic, system of equations. Could anyone who used this apps share some experiences please.

You may already be aware of

You may already be aware of this feature… But in the calculator app that comes standard on every iPhone… you can Flip the phone into the landscape orientation to change it from a basic calculator to a scientific calculator. I don't know if this will solve your issue completely but I hope it helps in someway.

Equation Genie app

This app should help with your Equation issue and the things the scientific calculator cannot do. Simply replace the coefficients with your numbers.