Help, keep being prompted to confirm my Apple ID

This morning when I went to use my phone I had to confirm my apple-id which resulted in me having to change my password... AGAIN. It's done this a lot of times and I've had to change the password like 4 times. I don't do anything out of the ordinary, I don't sign out of my apple-id, I don't use a different apple-id account on any other device of mine.

Does anyone have the same problem? can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.


Use a stronger password

App Developer

This can happen if your password is not strong enough. I have received attempted logins, in which case Apple prompts you to change your password, just in case.

A strong password consists of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols, and it does not have common words, such as sword, fish, or jellybeans.

I recommend diceware at

Hope this helps!

Have you been hacked possibly?

It could be that someone is trying to use your apple id even though you haven't done anything. I've had this happen where I've had to change my password on four devices. It's not fun. Contact Apple's accessibility department and see if their is any activity that has not been done by you. Look in purchase history and app history.