Help, how do you edit Safari bookmarks on Mac OS X?

Hi all

I'm totally confused about how to edit the bookmarks table . I used to have a very rudimentary idea of how to delete bookmarks in earlier version of Safari (primarily Lion). But Safari version 9 (El Capitan) has me stumped. I'm running El Capitan (10.11.5) on a MacBook Pro. I checked this site and others via Google, and haven't found anything on this for a blind user.

Any help is appreciated much.

Gary Zimdars


#1 I go to edit bookmarks. There

I go to edit bookmarks. There they are listed in a table. For some reason on mine they are in a tree view, so I use right arrow to open folder. When I find the bookmark I want command option shift m opens a menu with choices, like rename delete, and so forth. I hope I helped.

#2 Thanks much. I wasn't even

Thanks much. I wasn't even sure how to expand the folder, not having found the rudiments of table managements either. I'm going to try it out today.

Sorry for submitting what seemed to be something I should have known years ago. Oh well.

Gary Zimdars

#3 Hello. To edit the link of a

Hello. To edit the link of a bookmark, press enter on it when you are focused on it in the safari table. To edit it I believe the backspace key will work to get rid of it. If not try control clicking or a vo shift m on the bookmark(s) you want to delete.

Take care and hopethis helps.

#4 Thanks for your tip. It

Thanks for your tip. It helped, and once I got going, it was fairly easy to start cleaning up my bookmarks and folders. I have a lot of detritus, once relevant, but no more. It'll take a little while, but thanks to you and Joe Pa, I actually know what the hell I'm doing!