Help, how to accept the new terms & conditions of the App Store?

Hi all,

today I got a prompt that there are as many as 10 apps to be updated. When I went to the appstore, it told me that Apple's terms & conditions have changed. but despite looking around, I can't seem to find the place to accept the terms & conditions. I don't really know what to do. some time ago, I got a prompt to enter the Apple password in settings which I did, but now, there is no other option available. Both the submit & cancel buttons are unavailable.

Please help. I am using iphone6 with IOS 11.4.1


#1 you need to scroll to the end of the document


There is an agree button at the top left of the screen (or there is for me).
However, you need to move through the document to the very end before you can activate it.
There is an unlabelled button at the bottom right of the screen to move to the next page.
When I read it there were 18 pages you have to step through.

Then clicking on the 'agree' button should work.


#2 top right corner

You find the accept button in the top right corner. You don't have to browse all the way to the bottom of the screen.

#3 You weren't the only one.

I did exactly what you probably did. go all the way through, thinking where the heck is it? Turns out, I could've just swiped right, click, done. Ah stilly apple. Like anyone reads those freakin things? lmao

#4 It's above the document

When that new EULA opened up, I did a 4finger tap to get down to the bottom of the page first and found the unlabeled buttons, then scrolled back up to the top. I found the Agree button with a left-swipe just past the Agreement Heading/title which was odd, but thankfully it worked.

#5 Agree not working here

Hey, I consider myself to be pretty good at using iOS. I was surprised to see this topic, earlier, but I have just tried to do it myself, and whether I scroll to page 18 or otherwise, I click agree, click agree again in the pop-up window and it just comes right back to the terms and conditions. I can’t get rid of it. Is anyone else having this problem please?

#6 Just dismiss the window

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After agreeing as usual, the window stays open for some reason, even though your agreement has been acknowledged. Just use a scrub gesture to exit the screen, and everything should be fine.

#7 Agree worked for me

After I bypassed all 16 pages of terms and conditions I clicked on "agree" at the top left and a pop-up appeared asking if I agree to the terms and I hit "agree" and it worked.

#8 Thanks for suggestions

Hi all,

indeed, those ideas to get around to it were of help. About why it, the dialoguebox stays open even after click on accept is because, there is a particular place where it reads something like, I accept terms & conditions. It is not a checkbox as I would have expected Apple to have designed it as but just a block of text. You got to click on that block of text before you click on I agree & it would go away.

#9 Apple's High-Handedness

I'm curious. No one even mentioned the fact that Apple is coercing everyone's agreement to the new terms and conditions without giving us the right to object; apparently without giving us the ability to even read them first or in the alternative by submitting a 16-page document which most of us, even if so inclined, don't have the time to read; and has done so under conditions where it has been necessary, as evidenced above, for some to even research how to accept that phantom compilation of legalese. Are all of you so preconditioned to believe nobody ever has any choice, particularly with Apple, that it doesn't even bother you anymore that even though the vast majority will never even know what's in it, Apple is going to use that document to eliminate most of the rights every consumer, including you, would typically have against it as a merchant or sales platform without that phantom document?