Help with blootooth keyboard

Hi all, I got an IPod touch, and I soon consider the new IPhone or new IPad. But now, as I will do more work on them in time, I would need a blootooth keyboard for typing. Now I guess the only keyboard wich can work is probibly only the apple wireless keyboard? Or are there others wich also could work? And does the apple wireless keyboard come with drivers? I mean, what if I want to use it also with my nokia? Or would I need to get a seprit keyboard for that, and if so, would I be able to rather find a keyboard wich then can both work on the nokias and the i devices? The problem for me is that I don't always no where to find the drivers, wich come with drivers and wich don't. And I am scaired for the apple keyboard for the reason that as far as I no, it uses dubble A batteries, and I don't no if that would last long. So that also means you con't really charch it as you can with other keyboards. Any solutions I could consider? I mean the apple keyboard is quite expensive, I don't want to buy it just for the IPod wile I could've maybe got a keyboard that could work with more than one system.



You would not need any drivers. You just pair the keyboard with either device. Usually, after it is paired with one it will not function with the other until you pair it again with the first. One device at a time as far as I know. If you look on Amazon, you can get a nice BT keyboard for around 15 dollars. Just search iPad Bluetooth keyboard. I have been using one off and on that uses triple A batteries, and they have lasted over a month with light use.


So are you saying it will work with most or all of the newer devices now? I just want to be clear on this because I remember once I tryed to pair the apple keyboard with my nokia n73 at that time, so I don't no why it didn't pair, if the phone was to old or the blootooth spex was to old then I could understand, but I don't want to get it and find it con't pair with the newer nokias including c5 and if I buy another brand of keyboard I don't no if it will work with the I devices then. But if this keyboard can work on all or most platforms then that could help. I guess the tripple a batterys last longer than keyboards who uses different lifiom batteries anyway. Just don't no why its so expensive?


Then what you say is that it will work on all of the newer devices now? I remember I tryed in the past to pair it with a older nokia but I couldn't. But I'm not sure if it was suppose to work as the person who helped me was probibly to stupid himself. But I just need cleridy as its surprising to me as many other keyboards do require drivers or newer models to work. I guess the tripple A batteries last longer than those who uses lifiom batteries.