Help with Bit Life

Hi all.

I am back playing Bit life again and i am in the coast guard. I have been presented with what looks like Mine sweeper but i can’t seem to interact with the puzzle with voice over. I can’t move on unless i desert my post in tyland. Anyone know how to do this with voice over?

I am using the latest version of Bit Live.



Hi, from the sounds of it, it seems like you’ve played a mini game. Mini games aren’t accessible with voice over. Sadly, the devs haven’t figured out a way to make it accessible to vo users yet. Hopefully they do soon. All mini games in bitlife aren’t accessible. Like for example, the burglar option under the crime tab, is also a mini game.
If you have anymore questions, let me know.

Not working with VO

The mini games don't work with VO.
I also wish them to move the main relationship bar to the relation screen because then I won't have to go into the profile every year for my twenty pets because I am trying to get the cat lady one..

bit life

App Developer

I'm completely stumped by this game. I can't get passed geting born. How do I pick an item or make a choice? This is one of the few games I've tried. Joe


If you double tap the item picker given that you don't like the choice you get, swipe write and then double tap what you want example first name last name or country etc. If you mean that after being born and you can't get past anything then you may wwant to purchase the feature to remove all adds. The adds are overwhelming so getting rid of it is worth it if you're a heavy player.