Has facebook introduced a new inaccessible feature?

Hi All, I've noticed in the last few days people are posting updates that seem to be inaccessible images/texts. VO simply says "awsome text background" People can then comment etc. However as far as I can tell there is no way to tell what the post is. This could be worrying if this is the way FB want people to post going forward. I may however, be missing what this actually is. Anyone else seen this or have a clue what it is?


it's not just you

it's not just you. seen this myself, and it's odd, cause when i use m.facebook.com on my windows pc, the post was normal text and perfectly readable. so i don't understand what the hell they've broken in iOS.

Background colours

Hi, Ye'h but it can't be. For weeks now people have been able to add background colours and VO says something like "purple image solid blue" or something then goes on to read the post as normal. This seems totally different as the old way still works with other posts.

Sollution to the FaceBook problem

I experienced the same problem after the latest update. What works twice for me now is to open the post, then swipe right until VO replies: "Translation button." Double tap and Vo reads the text.

broken facebook

Interesting work-around from the person above me, the translate button suggestion, but that button is not present for me. I've tried it on two posts.

While we're at it, if you wish to report this broken feature, I would recommend not using the accessibility shortcut in the app. I tried it, and the pick lists to pick what you are reporting on wouldn't come up when I double tap them. However, I was able to report the issue using the form on the mobile site in safari.

I seen this myself

Seen this myself! It's quite irritating!! And I've seen it on 2 posts so far today!! I am currently growling at Facebook. lol It's interesting that you mention a translate button, because I have the latest version of the app, and no such button exists for me either! I'm praying and hoping they fix it, because it'd be a pain in the you-know-what to go to Faceboo's site for just 1 post! I'm thankful that I have sighted friends/family on Facebook too, that I can have help from. It's nice to know that it's not just me having an issue, or that it's not just some new inaccessible feature (possibly). Regardless, I dearly hope that Facebook fixes this in a future update.

Translation button

Hi, No I don't have this button either. Maybe it is being rolled out and we will get it on the next update.

Hope you're right

I hope you are right Lee. I also hope that they just fix whatever the heck they broke in the next update. Now that would be better!
I tried to post about this bug on Facebook's Accessibility fage, along with a link to this topic, and you cannot post on their timeline.

We can hope

Hi Dawn, Wow that is bad. How can an accessibility page not work lol. Lets see. Have to admit I'm not confident though.


My thoughts exactly! You can't message them either! lol I'm just hoping they fix what they broke, instead of putting a translate button on there. I'll take whatever fix they decide to give us, though.! Because in the end, it's better than nothing!!

reporting bug

You are correct, the form to report a problem is not accessible in the facebook app itself. However, I was able to go to facebook.com/accessibility and use the contact us link on their page to fill out the form to report the issue by using safari. Not ideal, but at least I was able to get it done. Here's to hoping they fix this latest problem sooner rather than later, because it is frustrating not to be able to read statuses, and I sure am not going to try to tell all of my friends that they can't use the background colors.

diplomatic suggestion

Hi Mendi!!
I've got a way you can diplomatically get through this one. Depending on the friend, you can ask them: `Can you please make your posts plain? Thank you.`
It's not as much about what you say. It's how you say it. But, I do have a suggestion that works much better and is diplomatic. When I encounter a post I can't read, (video, sticker, Gif. etc etc), I just comment: Can you please disscribe this to me? I can't read it. (Or, Voiceover won't tell me what it is, or something similar).
A lot of time, 99% of the time, either the friend that posted it will comment back to me with a disscription. Or a mutual friend will comment a disscription. Sometimes, I'll tag the friend. Then, I'll react and thank whoever gave me the disscription.

Agreed with stickers and/or photos

I'm with you on stickers, photos, memes that won't always read, even with an extra app, etc. But, I also know this was accessible, lots of people, including those who are blind, use the backgrounds, and I am in hopes it is fixed before I miss too much more. But I also know the reality is, at this point the background thing is probably a habit and/or something they use to further express themselves in posts, (I have some users who use those for every single post), and I don't feel like I can ask them to stop using this feature just for me, especially since for at least one that I know of, I am the only one this issue is affecting. But you are right, with much of what isn't usable, I definitely am not above asking for it to be described. This particular breakage is interesting though for sure.

And speaking of diplomacy, I definitely used it when reporting the issue... simply stating what wasn't working and requesting it be addressed. I am not about fighting fire with fire.

Thanks for the Suggestion

Thanks for the suggestion to fill out the form. I completed the form using a desktop with JAWS and it worked fine. I also hope the bug is fixed soon because it is quite irritating. Just to verify there is actual text within the background color when Face Book states " Awesome Text". Fiance is sighted and he confirmed it for me. We can only hope... the more people who report, the better. :)

I believe this has been fixed

Hi All, just updated to version 178.0 of the FB app and it appears that the issue has been resolved. Posts are now being read correctly again. Looks like FB may have listened to our complaints. It is also good they seem to have fixed this so quickly.